Results from Evangelical Survey

The results are in from the study done

“We are, as you know, approaching the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel on May 14th, 1948.

For many, this will be a season of thanksgiving to the God of Israel who made ancient promises to the Jewish people and is keeping those promises in modern times.

For others, however, this will be a season of pain, resentment, even anger, for what they regard as al Nakba, “The Catastrophe.”

For presidents and prime ministers, kings and their counselors, this is a season to try yet again to broker a just and comprehensive peace agreement.

What season is it for Church? How should Christians approach this historic yet highly controversial year? What do Evangelicals, in particular, believe about Israel, the Palestinians and the peace process? Where are they getting their information? What are the gaps in their knowledge? How can followers of the Prince of Peace be effective ambassadors of peace and reconciliation in the Middle East, as we are called to be in the Scriptures? What does it mean to obey Jesus’ command to love our neighbors and love our enemies? And as importantly, how can Christians discuss hot button theological and geopolitical issues in a thoughtful, respectful Biblical manner that builds the kind of unity Jesus speaks of in John chapter 17, rather than causing more discord and division?

These are some of the questions the “Alliance For The Peace of Jerusalem” will be asking, as we believe this is precisely the conversation the Church needs to be having.”

Joel Rosenberg goes on to state three positive sections about what they found in the survey. Please go to his link to read those paragraphs. I would like to point out that they did discover some bad things about the survey. One in which I believe may be a “key” to understanding how a One World Religion may form, perhaps even after the Harpazo.

“But there is some bad news – or, let us say, challenging news – in the data as well, specifically when it comes to younger Evangelicals.

Millennials are sending the Church a sobering message. They’re not against Israel. Not yet. Not at all. But the survey makes it clear that many of them really don’t understand Israel’s place in the biblical narrative. Thus, their support for Israel is nearly 20 points less than their parents and grandparents.

Now, extrapolate that going forward. Unless the Church gives younger believers a healthy, balanced, solidly biblical understanding of God’s love and plan for Israel, overall Evangelical support for the Jewish State could very well plummet over the next decade as Millennials represent an ever-larger percentage of the overall Church body.

That said, when I look at the totality of the survey results, I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’ve agreed to be part of the founding leadership council of “Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem” because I see a real need to educate the Church – and particularly younger Evangelicals – about God’s love and plan for both Israel and her Arab and Persian neighbors, and to mobilize them to seek peace, pray for peace, and be peacemakers in a dark and troubled region. Thank you.”

151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem as part of six anti-Israel resolutions it approved on Thursday in New York. The vote was 151 in favor and six against, with nine abstentions.

The resolution came as the Trump Administration was rumored to be actively considering relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.
“The president has said that he has given serious consideration to the matter, and we’re looking at it with great care,” US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said.

She added that US President Donald Trump had until December 4th to make a decision on the embassy relocation or waive the matter for another six months.

In New York, only six countries out of 193 UN member states fully supported Israel’s ties Jerusalem: Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, the United States and Israel itself.

The nine countries who abstained were: Australia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Honduras, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, South Sudan and Togo.

The resolution stated that “any actions taken by Israel, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever.”

These words fall in line with similar resolutions approved in 2015 and 2016 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), including the resolution’s omission of the title “Temple Mount,” using instead only the Arabic term for the site, “Haram al-Sharif.”

The UNGA’s Jerusalem resolution called for “respect for the historic status quo at the holy places of Jerusalem, including the Haram al-Sharif, in word and practice.”

But the UNESCO votes are taken in smaller committees or boards and do not have the same representative power as the UNGA to measure the global opinion of UN member states.

The voting patterns of many of Israel’s allies, particularly among the EU nations, also differ in New York. The same countries that oppose or abstain from anti-Israel votes at UNESCO or the UN Human Rights Council often support such texts at the UNGA.

On Thursday, all the EU member states voted against Israel and in favor of the Jerusalem resolution, including countries that abstained or opposed the same text at UNESCO.

In a statement to the UNGA after the vote, the EU warned it would change its stance on such texts in the future unless the language was more neutral.

“The EU stresses the need for language on the holy sites of Jerusalem to reflect the importance and historical significance of the holy sites for the three monotheistic religions,” the Estonian representative said on behalf of the EU.

“The future choice of language may effect the EU’s collective support for the resolution,” she added.

Mexico also voted against Israel with regard to the Jerusalem resolution, even though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had just lauded the country for its support of Israel at the UN.

Kenya, which recently hosted Netanyahu, also voted against the resolution with regard to Jerusalem on Thursday.

Israel’s representative at the meeting said the omission of Judaism’s holiest site, the Temple Mount, was deliberate and yet “another instance of the Palestinian refusal to recognize the proven historic connection between Judaism, Christianity and the Temple Mount.”

The US opposed the resolutions. Its representative expressed disappointment that despite supposed support for reform, UN members continued to single out Israel.

This year alone, he said, the UN’s bodies have approved 18 resolutions that were biased against Israel.

“This dynamic is unacceptable. It is inappropriate that the UN, an institution founded on the idea that all nations should be treated equally, should be so often used by member states to treat another state so unequally,” he said.

The UNSG on Thursday also approved a second resolution that condemned Israeli settlement activity and called upon it to withdraw to the pre-1967 line. This included leaving the Golan Heights, which Israel seized from Syria during the Six-Day War.

Some 157 nations voted in favor of the text, seven opposed it and eight abstained.

All the European Union’s member states voted to support the resolution. The abstaining countries included: Australia, Cameroon, Fiji, Honduras, Paraguay, Papa, New Guinea, South Sudan and Tongo.

Those nations opposing the resolution were: Canada, Israel, Nauru, Micronesia, Marshal Islands, Solomon Islands and the United States.

Among the six resolutions was one, sponsored by Syria, which condemned Israel’s continued presence on the Golan Heights.

It was approved with 105 nations in favor, six against and 58 who abstained.

Israel noted the absurdity of such a resolution at a time when the Syrian regime was using chemical weapons against its own citizens while Israel was treating the wounded of that conflict who managed to cross its borders.

The UN General Assembly is expected to approve another ten anti-Israel resolutions by the end of the year.

Leaders To Host Press Conference Monday in Washington to Unveil New Survey on Evangelical Attitudes Towards Israel & The Peace Process.

YHWH is getting ready to have the wedding. Are you ready? Have you RSVP’d??? Ask to be counted worthy to escape all these things.

(Washington, D.C.) — On Monday, several colleagues and I will be hosting an event at the National Press Club, releasing a fascinating new survey. If you are a credentialed member of the media, we invite you to join us. Here’s the media advisory.

WHAT: A new survey conducted by LifeWay Research and sponsored by Chosen People Ministries and New York Times bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg will shed light on Evangelicals’ changing attitudes toward Israel and their effect on the Church’s support of Israel. The data will provide insight at a critical time as the nation of Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary and key decisions are made by U.S. leaders regarding Israeli-Palestinian relations.

WHEN: Monday, December 4, 2017 from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. EDT

WHERE: National Press Club, Murrow Room, 529 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20045


Dr. Mitch Glaser, President of Chosen People Ministries and a Jewish believer in Jesus
Joel Rosenberg, New York Times bestselling author and dual U.S.-Israeli citizen
Dr. Darrell L. Bock, Executive Director of Cultural Engagement at The Hendricks Center and Senior Research Professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary
Scott McConnell, Executive Director of LifeWay Research

DETAILS: A new LifeWay Research Survey, “Evangelical Attitudes Toward Israel and the Peace Process,” seeks to understand whether a generational shift is taking place in positions held by Evangelical Christians regarding the modern state of Israel and the role of the Jewish people in the plan of God.

MEDIA CREDENTIALS: Please contact Kristin Cole or Steve Yount of A. Larry Ross Communications at 972.267.1111 or and

Flat Earthers Are Shooting a Guy 2,000 Feet in the Air in a Homemade Rocket

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Flat Earthers Are Shooting a Guy 2,000 Feet in the Air in a Homemade Rocket

“Mad Mike” Hughes is a former NASCAR crew chief, denier of science, and daredevil. This weekend he will launch himself over a mile in a homemade rocket.

Daniel Oberhaus
Nov 22 2017, 7:54am

“Mad Mike” Hughes doesn’t believe in science, but that hasn’t stopped him from building a rocket from scrap metal in his spare time. On Saturday, Hughes will launch himself on his homemade rocket in an attempt to up his cred as a daredevil. But as you can see from the logo on the rocket, it is also a major publicity stunt for a group called Research Flat Earth, which funded almost half the cost of the rocket. Hughes expects to reach an altitude of 1,800 feet while traveling over a mile on land.

This isn’t the first time Hughes, who describes himself as a “walking reality show,” has flown in a homemade rocket. In January of 2014, he successfully launched himself in his first rocket, although he had to be dragged from the fuselage upon landing after the G-forces took a toll on him during flight.

This launch, Hughes hopes to break his previous distance record of 1,374 feet. Hughes will be flying over the California ghost town of Amboy and expects to reach speeds of 500 miles per hour in the air. His rocket is fueled by steam and will be carrying about 70 gallons of hot water as fuel.

According to NBC, the rocket cost Hughes about $20,000, nearly $8,000 of which was crowded-funded by the Research Flat Earth group. It is uncertain what the Flat Earthers hope to learn about the shape of our planet from an altitude of under 2,000 feet. Even planes flying at altitudes between 30,000 and 40,000 feet are unable to see the curvature of the Earth, so it is unlikely that Hughes will notice anything odd from his rocketship.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is another group of amateur rocketeers working on crewed rockets, but their flight vehicle has been in development for over a decade and will eventually carry its passenger to low earth orbit. This group of rocketeers does believe in science and have so far been incredibly successful with their rocket program.

Read More: Inside BALLS, The Most Exclusive High Powered Rocketry Event in the World

Hughes plans to launch himself in the early afternoon on Saturday. Although visitors to the event are discouraged for safety reasons, you can watch the spectacle on a livestream.

“If you’re not scared to death, you’re an idiot,” Hughes told NBC. “It’s scary as hell, but none of us are getting out of this world alive. I like to do extraordinary things that no one else can do, and no one in the history of mankind has designed, built and launched himself in his own rocket.”

President Trump Nominates Big Pharma Pro-Vaccine Exec as Secretary of the Health and Human Services

by Autism Action Network

President Trump just nominated former chief lobbyist and President of the US division of drug company Eli Lilly, Alex Azar, to be the next Secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS).

Eli Lilly is the inventor and was the primary manufacturer of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines that is linked to autism and other neurological disorders. Prior to employment at Eli Lilly, under George W. Bush, Azar was general counsel and later deputy secretary of HHS at the time the decision was made to give an expedited efficacy and safety review to Gardasil, a vaccine for human papilloma virus produced by Merck that has enormous safety issues.

As general counsel (head attorney) for HHS, Azar participated in the Autism Omnibus Proceeding that denied more than 5000 claims of vaccine injury, even though HHS settled one of the test cases that found that Hannah Poling’s autism was indeed caused by vaccine injury.

Azar is exactly the wrong person to head HHS. Azar must be approved by the Senate, and the Autism Action Network will be working hard to stop his confirmation.

Please call the White House and politely express your opposition to Azar’s nomination at (202) 456-1111

And please call the two US Senators from your state and politely tell the staffer you want your Senators to oppose the Azar nomination.

Please click on this link to send an email to the President expressing your disappointment with this nomination, and encouraging the two United States Senators from your state, who must vote on Azar’s appointment, to oppose his confirmation.

While the head of Eli Lily in the US, Azar was also on the board of directors of the Biotechnology Innovation Association, a trade and lobbying association for manufacturers of biological products including drugs, vaccines and GMOs.

Azar’s career perfectly mirrors the “revolving door” door between regulatory agencies and the industries that they supposedly regulate in the public interest. The revolving door is one of the clearest indicators of government corruption. And Azar is only 50 years old, so we can probably expect several more trips through the revolving door before his career is done.

Azar has the wrong experience, the wrong track record, the wrong associations, and the wrong personal financial and career interests to head HHS. America has the most expensive healthcare and drugs in the world, yet our indicators of public health are among the lowest found in developed countries. A former lobbyist for one of America’s largest drug companies is not the person who will bring desperately needed reform.

The head of HHS should be an advocate for allowing research to go wherever honest science leads, regulatory policy that puts the safety and health of the public before corporate and physician’s profits, transparency in all medical research and regulatory reviews, informed consent as the basis for all medical procedures, and aggressive policies to end the epidemics of autism, juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer’s, asthma, and on and on.

As a candidate, and in office, President Trump said he would “drain the swamp of government corruption.” In his tweet announcing the Azar’s nomination, Trump wrote,

“He will be a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices!”

But according to the Dow Jones Newswires,

“during Alex Azar’s tenure Eli Lilly & Co. executive prices rose dramatically for some of the company’s top drugs.”

The last person we need heading HHS is a drug company fox guarding the hen house. Alex Azar should not be confirmed as Secretary of HHS.