Hurricane Michael- The Untold Story

What a disgrace our organizations have become.
1. THREAD: Hurricane Michael- The Untold Story
As many of you know, I had the pleasure of speaking to the leadership of Bikers for Trump about the #WalkAwayMarch this weekend.
2. While I was on the phone with them, they shared with me some of the horrible things that they are dealing with as they help the survivors of Hurricane Michael. This is likely the most under-reported story in a long, long time.
3. The people in Panama City and surrounding areas are dealing with some really horrible things, including the local health department and other agencies working AGAINST them.
4. Bikers for Trump has been on the ground helping with supplies, food, toiletries, diapers, etc for the people affected, many of them in underprivileged areas, and many elderly and others who need medical assistance and have no way to get it.
5. In one example, Bernadette told me of a woman who is on several medications and went to a Red Cross clinic to try to get her medicines. Her prescription had run out.
6. She was told she needed her doctor to write an RX for her. Problem? The doctors office was leveled, and there is no way for her to contact her doctor. She has been left with no means to get her meds.
7. RC who is the President of Bikers for Trump, told me that they went down to an area with 100lbs of fresh fish and other food, and set up barbeques to be able to feed folks down there who hadn’t eaten in nearly a week.
8. While the team was cooking, they were approached by the health department who told them they weren’t allowed to cook and feed the people. RC charged on regardless, and fed all of the people who had come to have their first hot meal.
9. He shared with me that the Red Cross is allowing one meal per person, per day. The meal consists of two small round chicken nuggets, a tablespoon of kerneled corn, a piece of bread and a bottle of water.
10. This is supposed to be the meal they get for the day. There is limited accessibility, and no utilities available for large swaths of the population. There are numerous other tales of medical issues, medicine issues, and children who have illnesses not able to get treatment.
11. In addition to that, there have been some really horrible things happening in the local community with folks who live in apartment complexes. People have been forced out of their apartments-
12. These are apartments with little damage that made it through the storm, and the landlords are literally REMOVING the electrical meters from the buildings.
13. They have evicted folks and told them (in some cases) to trash THEIR OWN APARTMENTS so that the insurance adjusters see damage! The local authorities have acknowledged that what these landlords are doing is illegal, but no one is being held accountable
14. These are people who HAD ELECTRIC, and their landlords are evicting families that otherwise would have had a safe place to be, being evicted from their homes. Many of them have small children, and not enough money.
15. In addition to that, FEMA had said they would reimburse folks for their hotel- however a lot of these people are people who live day to day, and don’t have credit cards or the money to lay out. These people are now without places to stay.
16. From this point onward, I am going to share Bernadette from Bikers for Trump’s own words and photos, and I implore you to take a look at what they have been doing and what is happening, and tweet the hell out of this thread to raise awareness. This needs eyes.
17. Before I do that, I want to note that the leadership of Bikers for Trump have said that Matt Gaetz and Ron Desantis have been boots on the ground with them very often to help this recovery effort.
18. From here on out, you will read the words of Bernadette Marie from NWF Bikers for Trump, and her volunteers on the ground.
19. Bernadette: “Here is another issue with the insurance adjusters. Denise is a very close friend who has survived the storm with a damaged home. Has been here in Pensacola for a week. Was told that FEMA would reimburse the cost of expenses”
20. “Fema picked the hotel, but here is the catch- you had to have a major credit card to stay at their hotel. So the less fortunate people that are told that FEMA will put them in a hotel, if they don’t hold a major credit card…”
21. “…they don’t stay. FEMA is not paying for lodging, housing. People need to pay for their hotel upfront and then FEMA will reimburse you…” (Cont)
22. “… What happens to the families that are on fixed incomes pay their bills at first of month and dont have the money to pay upfront expense for a roof over their head?”
24. “After speaking with local police officer she asked if we could help and maintain three trailer parks where people are in need of help and no way to get it. I advised her that I would go into these parks and assist with food, and personal hygiene items.”
25. “… The officer stated that she had to send 6 people to the hospital that most of the
people there are handicapped“
26. “One housing development is destroyed and they are living here with no way to leave. No one has been there to check on them since we were there on Saturday the 20th. We came to visit and bring supplies into them with Ron Desantis and Matt Gaetz”
27. “While speaking with the people still there the story was heartbreaking. The women said to me that I needed to be glad that I did not come on Saturday because there was a shooting that took place.”
28. “….. That people where going to desperate measures because they are receiving no help and she had faith and prayed that I would find our way back to her”
29. “I advised her that I would not forget them and I would be back however long it takes to make sure they are ok. This women states that her mom is not getting the medical assistance that she needs, she states that her child was in desperate need of medical attention.”
30. “They brought some medical staff in with law enforcement and they told her since there was no hospital open that they could not help her child and that the closest hospital was Pensacola. This women has no transportation.”
31. “The cop that was there with the medical staff took her child and transported him to Alabama where the child received medical help. The child suffers from asthma. There was a gentleman there that was on BP medicine and was out of meds….”
32. “He walked to the Red Cross for help and was told to call his doctors office that had been blown away in storm and that they could not assist him. I had talked one person into going up to the shelter, I promised I would meet them there.”
33. “They were told in front of me, “If you are not staying in the shelter, we can’t assist you. I advised the women and her children to hold on as I went to back and collected what I could for them and took them out and put them in her friends car.”
34. “The car had barely any gas and drove up to the school for food and supplies.”
35. Here are some more links for video testimonials in regards to what is happening.

39. And a story about the evictions:”While we were at Magnolia apartments, we were told that they were all given 72 hour evictions notices. I asked the one guy “do you have family anywhere else that you and your son could go?”
40. “(Son is 3) He told me that he came outside after the Hurricane and that his car was gone. He has no idea where it went, he said that it had to be taken when the storm came. So now him and his son stuck there with no power- not because of the storm, BECAUSE OF THE LANDLORD”
41.“He states that the landlord told him to trash his apartment so that FEMA would condemn it. He said that he would not destroy his home. The landlord called the utility company and had them pull all meters off all building so that when power was restored they would have none.”
42. “There is hardly any structural damage to these townhomes. jUT shingles off roof and windows blew out on some not all. There are people that are living in there cars because they have no idea that the court house is not open and they can not evict them by law.”
43. Verification was given by law enforcement and we were able to get some out of there vehicles and back into their homes with the local help of the police department that told them this was illegal. “
44. Bernadette says “We need to get the word out!! The poor have been forgotten and my organization has not been able to pass the city to get out to more of the rural areas to help yet at this point. They all feel forgotten and it is heartbreaking!!”
45. Bikers for Trump in Florida have been spending their own money and going out to help these poor people. They have witnessed media interview residents about what is happening and then never air their interview.
46. Speaking to these amazing patriots on the phone, my heart was breaking for them. I told them I wanted to help, and the one way I knew how was to thread and tweet this story to raise awareness about what is happening.
47. You have LANDLORDS illegally evicting residents from their homes and CUTTING OFF WORKING UTILITIES in order to commit insurance fraud.
48. You will need to go to these Facebook posts and watch these videos and get the word out. Let’s make this a big deal and get eyes on it so that we can get these people some help.
49. Thank you so much for reading this, and please share it so more eyes are on this horrific situation.

Are We Being Invaded By Penguin Alien Nationalists? WHAT????



Further South than South America??? WHAT?
What’s further south than South America?
I was so confused about what I just heard President Donald Trump say that I had to post this video. Tell me I’m hearing things…, but is he insinuating that there are PEOPLE further south than South America that have a say in our “Global,” best interest (Economy)????
Please, tell me I’m wrong… someone, Please….
Listen at these minutes:

13:31 ( ) and 17:38 (my video) – “They’ve intercepted wonderful people from South America… and from OTHER PARTS FURTHER SOUTH!!!!!! … They’ve intercepted a LOT OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!!!”




So, what is he saying????

Did President Donald Trump just DROP a Conspiracy A-Bomb on us?


I believe Trump is TELLING us about the evil that is surrounding us, i.e. Antarctica. And the reports from Antarctica are true… the “giants/Nephilim/offspring of fallen angels,” have a place in Antarctica and they are ASSERTING themselves onto the GLOBAL STAGE!!!!!

Is the Strong Delusion used as a tool to Divide the Sheep from the Tares?


I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the term, “Mandela Effect.”  At the end of 2016, I was entirely concentrated on the studies of the Flat Earth and did not have time to study this interesting phenomenon.  For whatever reason, the Lord has put this on my heart and mind to take a look at this phenomenon going on in the majority of Christian countries.  This video and it’s author is THE BEST video I have come across in the last few days of researching and I wanted to share this with you.

The woman author, is not your average person.  She has a  PhD in Pharmacy and did many years in clinical rotation, so she’s not ignorant nor is she “crazy,” as so many people are labeling researchers who study the Mandela Effect.

Before you watch this, I have to ask (and no peeking in your Bible):

Fill in the space…, “The _____ also shall dwell with the lamb.”

For those of you who are “older” Christian’s, this is a no brainer, but I was beside myself to discover a horrifying reality when I realized a few days ago that my Bible had been changed.  The above missing word should be Lion but now all the translations of the Bible say Wolf.  This totally blew me away.

I’m currently putting together a study that I will post in the, hopefully, next few weeks about this phenomenon.  I’m convinced this has EVERYTHING to do with the separating of the sheep and the strong delusion sent by God.  Thus, after finding Changing Matrix channel, I had to share this video because I whole-heartily agree with its author.

Most of you are probably way ahead of me on this as I was immersed in flat earth research while all this was going on in 2016.

Be a Berean!  DO YOUR HOMEWORK and seek out Christ’s Truth.

YHWH bless you all:)



A Breathtakingly Beautiful Answer from The Word!

Repost from our sister pls sub:

Published on Oct 9, 2018

The answers God gives us through His Word can be breathtakingly beautiful, profound and supremely funny! And this is just one example of His unbounding love, humor and guidance working through our lives!
As we wait for our Lord’s return, please feel free to email me at pearlkolleri at gmail dot com with prayer requests and let’s be there for each other and hold one another’s hand at this extraordinary time in this world! I love you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Please keep me in your prayers too! Much love.


Flat Earth Exposed… I just don’t know what to say…. Incredible Flat Earth Footage.

Incredible Flat Earth footage!!!


I’m beside myself with this man’s photo’s and video.  It’s a must see if you dare!!!!!  Please sub him for more info.

Mississippi River, Great Lakes, and Hudson Bay at 1200 mi in Infrared 1080p.



Was it a Rocket???

After the dismantling of the satellites by President Trump prior to the Kavanaugh swearing in (be gone abortionists!) two new satellites were dispersed into the skies above after the take down.  Watch previous blogs about the REAL EAS alert.

Gotta get right with Christ IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Maybe we’re paranoid, but some folks don’t trust these rocket launches or what they’re really about after they see the very interesting footage.

What are they officially telling us about the SpaceX Falcon 9 deployment of the SAOCOM satellite that launched from Vandenberg Airforce Base in California last night?

I find it amazing that it’s up on Wikipedia right after it happens. Seize control of the narrative before anyone has a chance to question?

This is apparently the first of two related satellites belonging to Argentina. And where are the Nazi globalists hiding out?  Argentina.

The two satellites, SAOCOM 1A and SAOCOM 1B, both are equipped with an L band (about 1.275 GHz) full polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to help predict and monitor the mitigation of natural disasters. Source

And there’s this…

Rocket carrying Argentinian satellite takes off successfully

SAOCOM 1A carries a high-resolution instrument called a synthetic aperature radar that will be used for emergency management during disasters and for land monitoring. The second satellite will be SAOCOM 1B.
So… what kind of emergencies are they expecting, exactly? (or planning) Would that be “emergency management” as in FEMA?

I watched a video last night like this one that shows some interesting stuff going on with the “second stage”, or the part on the right side of the frame.

But there’s more.

This is the “official” launch, with commentary.

I don’t know what that technology was about, but better sleepless and paranoid than lulled into a false sense of complacency, sleepwalking off a cliff.  ~ BP


Things are getting “iffy” folks!!!

Rocket carrying Argentinian satellite takes off successfully

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) — A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried an Argentinian Earth-observation satellite into space Sunday and for the first time landed a first-stage booster back at its California launch site.

The primary purpose of the mission was to place the SAOCOM 1A satellite into orbit, but SpaceX also wanted to expand its recovery of first stages to its launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base, about 130 miles (209 kilometers) northwest of Los Angeles.

SpaceX had previously flown first-stage rockets back to land after Florida launches but had not done so on the West Coast.

The Air Force last week advised residents on the central California coast they might see multiple engine burns by the first stage and hear one or more sonic booms as it returned.

SpaceX also has successfully landed Falcon 9 first stages on so-called drone ships off the coasts of Florida and California, all as part of its effort to decrease the cost of space launches by reusing rockets rather than allowing them to fall into the ocean.

The satellite is the first of two for Argentina’s space agency, Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales, and will work in conjunction with a constellation of Italian space agency satellites. Its name is short for Satelite Argentino de Observacion Con Microondas.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried an Argentinian Earth-observation satellite into space Sunday and for the first time landed a first-stage booster back at its California launch site. (Oct. 8)

SAOCOM 1A carries a high-resolution instrument called a synthetic aperature radar that will be used for emergency management during disasters and for land monitoring. The second satellite will be SAOCOM 1B.