Saudis Conduct Mass Beheadings Of 37, Mostly Shiites, With Two Crucified

It’s being described as “the largest mass execution of Shiites in the kingdom’s history” — and it didn’t take place in an official US enemy country like Assad’s Syria or Putin’s Russia or even North Korea. On Tuesday Saudi Arabia (where else?) beheaded 37 Saudi citizens, the vast majority of which have been identified as minority Shiites in yet another sectarian-driven mass execution.

Saudi official statements have said the men were put to death on “terrorism-related crimes,” however human rights groups like Amnesty International have pointed to “sham trials” and confessions extracted through torture. Shockingly, authorities went so far as to tie two of the  deceased’s heads and bodies to polls in the manner of a crucifixion, erected as a public warning and deterrent to others.  Prior file photo via Asia News

King Salman personally ratified by royal decree Tuesday’s mass execution, according to Saudi law, just as he did for the prior single day record for mass beheadings, which stands at 47 and occurred on Jan. 2, 2016. The 2016 beheadings included prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, whose death sparked unrest across the Shia Muslim world, especially inside Iran and in eastern Saudi Arabia, home to a sizable Shia minority. 

Nimr’s killing for what many believe was merely his activism advocating for equal Shia rights inside the kingdom, resulted in soaring tensions with Iran and the ransacking of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, which remains closed to this day. 

This week’s executions of 37 people also included a well known Shia religious leader,  Sheikh Mohammed al-Attiyah, charged with sectarian plotting and anti-government organizing in the western city of Jiddah. The Saudi Interior Ministry painted those executed on Tuesday as being extremists seeking to foster discord and instability in the kingdom. 

However, Middle East analysts and observers were quick to point out the clear anti-Iran message behind the killings. “This is political,” Ali Al-Ahmed of the Gulf Institute in Washington told the AP. “They didn’t have to execute these people, but it’s important for them to ride the American anti-Iranian wave.” Read more:

A Sign Of The Evil Times We Are Living In: Court Documents Indicate 7,819 Boy Scout Troop Leaders Abused 12,254 Victims

This is a very difficult article for me to write. As a young child I was a member of the Cub Scouts, and I still have very fond memories from those days. Throughout my life I always had a tremendous amount of respect for the Boy Scouts, and so it greatly saddened me to learn about the abuse that has been running rampant in that organization. Of course this is just a very small part of a much larger trend that is plaguing our society, but if this kind of abuse is pervasive even among the Boy Scouts, what organization is truly safe for America’s kids? Have we gotten to the point as a society where our children are literally not safe anywhere?

According to ABC News, court documents that were just released indicate that 12,254 victims were abused by 7,819 Boy Scout troop leaders over the years…

An expert who has been working with the Boy Scouts revealed that there may have been as many as 7,819 allegedly sexually abusive troop leaders and volunteers in the storied organization, according to newly released court documents.

More than 7,800 individuals allegedly abused 12,254 victims, according to the court testimony.

This is what can happen when a society has absolutely no moral foundation whatsoever. These days, many Americans seem to believe that our country will be turned in the right direction if we can just get the correct political leaders into place, but that is not true at all. Read more:

Glynda Lomax Says That God Told Her That America Will Soon Be Destroyed

By Michael T. Snyder – April 23, 2019

Glynda Lomax has been receiving dreams and visions from God for more than 20 years, and if what she is saying God told her about America is accurate, all of our lives are about to change in a major way. According to her, because America has chosen darkness our nation is about to be “slaughtered” and it “will not rise again”. And in a subsequent prophecy, God warned her that the time of Jacob’s trouble is rapidly approaching but believers “are not ready”. To many, it is unthinkable that America could fall and the Tribulation could begin soon, but there are other Christians that have been waiting for these things to happen for a very long time. If you are not familiar with Glynda Lomax, the following basic information comes straight from her website

The Lord began giving me prophetic words and visions when I was in my twenties. I began to have visions and dream visions, which at that time related to my personal life, but it was not until 1996 that I truly got into an intimate walk with Him.

In 1997, I began to receive very vivid open visions as well as dream visions and prophetic words. In early 2008, the open visions came with a new intensity, so powerful that it felt as if a wall of wind had hit me as the visions opened up before me. In December of 2008, the Lord began to show me end times visions.

Just before 2011 began, He gave me several consecutive words in a short period of time for His people. I inquired of Him about receiving so many words in such a short time and He sent me a word the next day through a prophet that He is going to pour out His Spirit. That night He spoke to me to begin this blog to release them to His people.

She appears to have a very long track record, and that is why what she is now saying is so deeply troubling.

According to Glynda, America will be destroyed in the not too distant future…

America has chosen darkness over light. She has chosen her ways over Mine. She has chosen sin over righteousness. Yea, even great sin. She clings to her abominations and promotes them to other nations. Her defiance of Me, the One who made her great, is a stench in My nostrils.

Because America has chosen darkness over light, I will give her over to darkness. I will call forth her enemies to turn out the lights in America and America will be cloaked in darkness for all to see.

I called you to repentance, America, but you would not. Your haughty spirit has now spread to other nations and your abominations have overflowed your borders and defiled others. I will give you over to the evil and perversion you have chosen over Me, and it will be your destruction.

Since you have not chosen what is right, but you have chosen evil over good, evil will fill your borders. Your enemies will trample you under foot. They will take your women and kill your children. They will spare none, young or old. They will defile your land as they go, eating your crops and ruining your flocks. Famine will abound and the people of America will be turned into the streets as their homes will no longer be safe havens.

Prepare, America, for I am calling forth your enemies to destroy you. No longer will you be called beautiful or free, for I will give you over to them and none (of the wicked) shall be able to stand against Me, the Holy One of Israel. As you have shown no mercy to others, no mercy shall be shown to you.

As you have allowed those within your borders to slaughter the innocent, so shall your beauty be slaughtered and you will not rise again. Long has the innocent blood of those you killed cried out to Me, but I am longsuffering, giving you much time to repent, yet you have not repented. You are haughty and scornful, wicked and perverse and I will abide you no longer.

Certainly we are seeing America’s relations with other world powers go downhill ra… Read more:

Will U.S. Peace Plan Expose Transjordan As Palestinian Arab State?

Trump seems set to expose UN fraud on boundaries of Palestine President Trump appears set to expose more than forty years of deceptive and misleading information disseminated by the United Nations (UN) in relation to the boundaries of former Palestine. This welcome development comes with President Trump’s Special U.S Envoy Jason D. Greenblatt telling Sky News in Arabic on 19 April: “there is no reason to use the term ‘two-state solution,” the reason being that, “every side sees it differently.” The UN must take responsibility for creating such confusion by perpetuating intellectual and political fraud originating with its 1978 publication: “The Origins and Evolution of the Palestinian problem”(Study) Part 1 of the Study covering 1917-1947 was trashed by Israel’s Ambassador to the UN—Yehuda Blum—on 16 November: “Even the most cursory reading of this document can leave no doubt that the means and machinery of the United Nations have been misused once again to disseminate highly selective and tendentious information under the guise, in this instance, of what purports to be a scholarly study.The history of international conflicts, and particularly those with complex historical origins, can only be properly written by objective historians who enjoy complete academic freedom. The practice of writing and rewriting history according to the transient interests of a political body is of course characteristic of certain regimes. It is regrettable that the United Nations has now been drawn into that pattern.” Blum then told the UN General Assembly on 30 November 1978: “At the end of the first part of the publication, ostensibly dealing with the period of the Palestine Mandate, there appear a number of maps. The one map that is conspicuously absent is the official map of the Palestine Mandate which, until 1946, included Transjordan on the east bank of the Jordan River. This map was omitted because it does not fit into the PLO’s own scheme, as it would show too clearly that a Palestinian Arab state has already been in existence for 32 years on more than three quarters of the territory of mandated Palestine – that is, the state now called Jordan. That embarrassment is eliminated in this purportedly scholarly and impartial publication by the simple expedient of eliminating the map.” Blum was not finished— pointing out to the General Assembly on 20 December 1978 that Part 2 of the Study covering 1947-1977:
“Taken in conjunction with the first part, it is clear that this pseudo-scientific “study” is designed to give currency, under the emblem of the United Nations, to a completely misleading version of the history of the Arab-Israel conflict.Put briefly, that version has it that the League of Nations Mandate over Palestine was illegal, and all subsequent events, including the establishment of the State of Israel, are null and void. This wholly distorted view is set out in almost as many words in article 20 of the so-called PLO’s basic document, the “National Covenant”, and it forms the underlying thesis of the United Nations Secretariat publication in question. It completely ignores the Jewish people’s inalienable rights to self-determination, national independence and sovereignty in its homeland, the land of Israel.Thus, what purports to be a scholarly study, supported by what appears to be a scientific apparatus, is no more than a crude piece of propaganda.” Two States exist in former Palestine today: Arab Jordan – created in 1946 in about 78% of former Palestine – and Jewish Israel—created in 1948 in about 17% of that territory. These two states remain pivotal to ending the 100 years old Jewish-Arab conflict. Trump seems ready to set the UN fabricated record straight when his peace plan is released.

‘Failed States’: 8 Things To Know For April 24

1. Killing two states with one plan: In what may be the Trump administration’s most pointed comments yet against the two-state solution concept, Jared Kushner, senior aide and son-in-law to US President Donald Trump, told a conference Tuesday that previous solutions put forward to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had “failed.”

  • “We’ve taken what I think is an unconventional approach. We’ve studied the past efforts and how they failed and why they failed… We’ve tried to do it a bit differently,” he told the Time 100 conference.
  • The comments are widely seen as an indictment of the two-state solution.
  • Barak Ravid of Axios notes that Kushner was asked directly about the two-state solution but refused to answer; instead he “referred to the Arab peace initiative from 2002 — which called for a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital — as reflecting what he called ‘old talking points.’”
  • “Two states? We’ll do something different,” reads a headline on the Mako website of Channel 12 news.
  • After Sky News Arabia reported over the weekend that a senior US official, widely reported to be Jason Greenblatt, said the two-state solution term was not helping matters, a spokesperson confirms to ToI the comments: “The ‘two state solution’ term means different things to different people. There is no point in using a phrase that never achieved peace. Our plan provides a clear, realistic and detailed vision of what peace could actually look like.”

2. Change we can’t undo: In Politico, Aaron David Miller and Richard Sokolsky argue that the administration is trying not only to change the conversation, but to change things in such a way that future administrations can never go back to the way things are, to the detriment of all.

  • This includes not just the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but the Iran deal and a host of other policies.
  • “Whatever Trump’s personal inclinations to prove he’s the world’s greatest negotiator on Iran, his hard-line advisers, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton, want to get rid of the mullahs who rule the Islamic Republic, not engage them. Pompeo and Bolton are now pulling out all the stops not only to provoke Iran into withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—and maybe into a fight as well—but to block a successor from engineering either a broader geopolitical pivot toward Iran or to engage in diplomacy to resolve outstanding US-Iranian differences,” they write.
  • “As for Israel, whatever the president’s personal views on Israeli-Palestinian peace (and during the campaign they were more balanced than they are today), Jared Kushner and his team now seem hellbent on producing a ‘made in Israel’ peace plan that will be dead before arrival and drive the final nail in the coffin of a peace process that is already on life support,” they add.

In Israel Hayom, Eyal Zisser also writes that the proposal will have far-reaching implications even if/when it goes nowhere 3. Golan Towers: Kushner’s comments don’t get a ton of play in Israel, and what little coverage there is focuses on him saying both sides will need to make painful concessions. (And in the US they are overshadowed by his dismissal of Russian meddling in the investigation.) 4. Dem Dems: Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is catching some flak for calling the Netanyahu government “dare I say, racist.”

  • In a tweet that does not mention Sanders directly, AIPAC tut-tuts over the “name-calling.”
  • The group confirms to JTA that it is indeed talking about Sanders.
  • Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi calls Sanders’s comments “strange” several times and says they deserve to be condemned.

5. Down and out in Ayoub Kara’s head: Yedioth Ahronoth writes that outspoken Likud Minister Ayoub Kara, who will soon be out of a job, is fuming at everyone over the seeming end of his political career. 6. Compromise or wish list? Israel Hayom reports that the ultra-Orthodox may be willing to compromise on a law to regulate members of their community being drafted into the military. 7. Putting the jam in Benjamin: Coalition talks won’t really get underway until after Passover, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making like the rest of the country and traveling around.

  • During a trip to the beach in Caesarea on Monday, eagle-eyed journalists took notice of what looked to be a new and scarily giant-looking gun wielded by one of Netanyahu’s bodyguards.

מאבטח של ראש הממשלה עם נשק נגד רחפנים — סקופים רוטר.נט (@RotterNews) April 23, 2019

  • While it looks like a death ray, speculation is that the gun is just a UAV jammer, to keep prying eyes away, and it does appear to look exactly like the Chinese-made Hikvision Defender.

 Catch me if you can, Israeli journalism style: Some will do anything to get a picture of someone they aren’t supposed to. Haaretz’s Chaim Levinson writes on Twitter about the time he came up with a madcap plan to snap a picture of the famously paparazzi-shy Leonardo Dicaprio when he was in Israel with then girlfriend Bar Refaeli over 10 years ago.

Face-Scans To Be Implemented By 2023, Apple Sued For $1 Billion Due To Mistaken Facial Recognition

DHS To Face-Scan 97% Of International Travelers Within Four Years The Department of Homeland Security says that facial recognition technology will be used on 97% of passengers departing the US by 2023, according to The Verge.  Already deployed in seventeen international airports, including Atlanta, New York City, Boston, San Jose, Chicago, and two airports in Houston, DHS systems will photograph and scan passengers at their departure gate, cross-referencing their face against a library of face images from visa and passport applications, as well as those taken by border agents when foreigners enter the country.  The aim of the system is to offer “Biometric Exit,” which gives authorities as good an idea of who’s leaving the country as who’s entering it, and allows them to identify people who have overstayed their visas. Quartz notes that US authorities have traditionally relied on airline flight manifests to track who’s leaving the country. –The Verge Last week, JetBlue customer MacKenzie Fegan was shocked after finding out that her face had been scanned in order for her to board the plane. “I just boarded an international @JetBlue flight. Instead of scanning my boarding pass or handing over my passport, I looked into a camera before being allowed down the jet bridge,” she tweeted. “Did facial recognition replace boarding passes, unbeknownst to me? Did I consent to this?” I just boarded an international @JetBlue flight. Instead of scanning my boarding pass or handing over my passport, I looked into a camera before being allowed down the jet bridge. Did facial recognition replace boarding passes, unbeknownst to me? Did I consent to this?

— MacKenzie Fegan (@mackenzief) April 17, 2019 JetBlue wrote back: You’re able to opt out of this procedure, MacKenzie. Sorry if this made you feel uncomfortable.

— JetBlue Airways (@JetBlue) April 17, 2019 When asked how they knew it was her, JetBlue said that the information was provided by DHS “from existing holdings,” and later clarified “these photos aren’t provided to us, but are securely transmitted to the Customs and Border Protection database. JetBlue does not have direct access to the photos and doesn’t store them.”  So to be clear, the government provided my biometric data to a privately held company? Did I consent to this? How long is my data held by @JetBlue? And even if I opt out at the scanners…you already have my information, correct?

— MacKenzie Fegan (@mackenzief) April 17, 2019 Would love more info about how my image was matched to a name on the flight manifest. I looked at the camera & a few seconds later the gate opened. Was my image, in the space of those seconds, sent to CBP, run through a database, matched to a name, and then sent back to @JetBlue?

— MacKenzie Fegan (@mackenzief) April 17, 2019 As we noted in March, the biometric systems are being implemented “despite questionable biometric confirmation rates and few, if any, legal guardrails.” What’s more, there are no limits to how airlines can use facial recognition data.  These same documents state — explicitly — that there were no limits on how partnering airlines can use this facial recognition data. CBP did not answer specific questions about whether there are any guidelines for how other technology companies involved in processing the data can potentially also use it. It was only during a data privacy meeting last December that CBP made a sharp turn and limited participating companies from using this data. But it is unclear to what extent it has enforced this new rule. CBP did not explain what its current policies around data sharing of biometric information with participating companies and third-party firms are, but it did say that the agency “retains photos … for up to 14 days” of non-US citizens departing the country, for “evaluation of the technology” and “assurance of the accuracy of the algorithms” — which implies such photos might be used for further training of its facial matching AI. –BuzzFeed Meanwhile, it appears that CBP has simply skipped part of the “rulemaking process” – foregoing public feedback prior to implementing the technology. Beyond “privacy, surveillance and free speech implications,” this is worrisome according to BuzzFeed, which notes that last summer the ACLU reported that Amazon’s facial recognition technology falsely matched 28 members of congress with arrest mugshots.  According to a Homeland Security OIG reportCBP was able to provide biometric confirmation for just 85% of passengers processed, while mexican and Canadian citizens were “particularly problematic” reports BuzzFeed.  “The low 85-percent biometric confirmation rate poses questions as to whether CBP will meet its milestone to confirm all foreign departures at the top 20 US airports by fiscal year 2021,” said the audit – while a spokesperson said that the rate has risen to 98.6% since the report.  Why One 18-Year-Old New Yorker Is Suing Apple For $1 Billion An 18-year-old New Yorker is suing Apple for $1 billion, claiming he was falsely arrested and charged for a series of thefts that he did not commit due to facial recognition software that Apple allegedly uses to track theft. Ousmane Bah was arrested at his home in New York in November and was charged with stealing from Apple stores in Manhattan, Boston, Delaware and New Jersey. However, the photo that accompanied the arrest warrant showed somebody that “looked nothing like” the student, according to the Daily Mail. Not only that, one of the thefts had occurred on the same day that Bah was attending his senior prom. He was in Manhattan for the event while one of the thefts occurred in Boston. So now, he is suing Apple for the hassle he has suffered as a result… which in his opinion is worth a solid one billion dollars. Bah believes that a learners permit that he lost, containing his name, address and other personal information, was used for identification at Apple stores during the thefts. The thief was caught stealing $1200 worth of products from Apple in Boston on May 31, 2018. The same thief then stole from Apple stores in Manhattan, New Jersey and Delaware, while at the same time allegedly being tracked by Apple software. Bah said he learned about the thefts the hard way: when a Boston municipal court summons arrived at his door in June. He was then arrested by the New York Police Department on November 29.  When the New York Police Department Detective who was assigned to the case examined surveillance footage from the Manhattan Apple Store, they found that the suspect “looked nothing like” Bah. Instead, the detective found that Apple’s (highly flawed) security technology had been using facial recognition to try and identify suspected thieves.  The investigator suspected that the thief had presented Bah’s learners permit during one of the multiple thefts. Bah then was forced to respond to all of the false allegations which led to ‘severe stress and hardship’ and left him ‘feeling humiliated, afraid, and deeply concerned’.  In his lawsuit, he claims: ‘[Apple’s] use of facial recognition software in its stores to track individuals suspected of theft is the type of Orwellian surveillance that consumes fear, particularly as it can be assumed that the majority of consumers are not aware that their faces are secretly being analyzed.’  While the charges in most states have been dropped against him, the ones in New Jersey are still pending. Apple has claimed it “does not use facial recognition technology in its stores.”

Bad Humans: UN Blames For Extinction Of One Million Species

Wikimedia Commons

Posted By: Marlowe Hood April 23, 2019


U.N. Technocrats continue to throw fear-mongering mud at the wall to see what will stick. The extinction hasn’t happened yet, but humans are blamed for it as if it has. The purpose is to drive the world into Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. ⁃ TN Editor

Up to one million species face extinction due to human influence, according to a draft UN report obtained by AFP that painstakingly catalogues how humanity has undermined the natural resources upon which its very survival depends.

The accelerating loss of clean air, drinkable water, CO2-absorbing forests, pollinating insects, protein-rich fish and storm-blocking mangroves — to name but a few of the dwindling services rendered by Nature — poses no less of a threat than climate change, says the report, set to be unveiled May 6.

Indeed, biodiversity loss and global warming are closely linked, according to the 44-page Summary for Policy Makers, which distills a 1,800-page UN assessment of scientific literature on the state of Nature.

Delegates from 130 nations meeting in Paris from April 29 will vet the executive summary line-by-line. Wording may change, but figures lifted from the underlying report cannot be altered.

“We need to recognise that climate change and loss of Nature are equally important, not just for the environment, but as development and economic issues as well,” Robert Watson, chair of the UN-mandated body that compiled the report, told AFP, without divulging its findings.

“The way we produce our food and energy is undermining the regulating services that we get from Nature,” he said, adding that only “transformative change” can stem the damage.

Deforestation and agriculture, including livestock production, account for about a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, and have wreaked havoc on natural ecosystems as well.

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) report warns of “an imminent rapid acceleration in the global rate of species extinction.”

The pace of loss “is already tens to hundreds of times higher than it has been, on average, over the last 10 million years,” it notes.

“Half-a-million to a million species are projected to be threatened with extinction, many within decades.”

Many experts think a so-called “mass extinction event” — only the sixth in the last half-billion years — is already under way.

The most recent saw the end of the Cretaceous period some 66 million years ago, when a 10-kilometre-wide asteroid strike wiped out most lifeforms.

Scientists estimate that Earth is today home to some eight million distinct species, a majority of them insects.

A quarter of catalogued animal and plant species are already being crowded, eaten or poisoned out of existence.

The drop in sheer numbers is even more dramatic, with wild mammal biomass — their collective weight — down by 82 percent.

Humans and livestock account for more than 95 percent of mammal biomass.

“If we’re going to have a sustainable planet that provides services to communities around the world, we need to change this trajectory in the next ten years, just as we need to do that with climate,” noted WWF chief scientist Rebecca Shaw, formerly a member of the UN scientific bodies for both climate and biodiversity.

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