Gates of Hell Opening??? – Cause of Burning Hole in Midway Remains a Mystery

Credit: MrMBB333

MIDWAY, Ark. (KY3) – It was an unusual call for the Midway Volunteer Fire Department.

A volleyball-sized hole was burning, with flames shooting out of it off Highway 5 South in Midway.

Fire Chief Don Tucker said, “A fire was burning roughly two feet in diameter, eight feet tall. And it burned for approximately 40 minutes.”

The homeowner who lives nearby said he came outside Monday morning to flames shooting from the hole up to the man’s nose on this billboard.

Now county leaders are trying to figure out how the phenomenon started.

Baxter County Judge Mickey Pendergrass said, “We don’t believe that the devil showed up, or the meteorites landed, or the big booms happened.”

But the burning question is what caused the hole and the flames?

Pendergrass said, “We have contacted every utility company that is in the area. And we know for a fact now that they have lost no service they have nothing there. So there’s nothing to do with utilities, which would be our first inclination to believe something was there.”

No one knows where the hole ends.

A few geologists said they don’t believe it was caused by a meteorite or lightning strike. And one with the Arkansas Geological Survey said how it started is a mystery.

Arkansas Geological Survey Professional Geologist Ty Johnson said,
“I can’t think of any geologic situation that would allow that to happen. Not in this area. There’s not any fossil fuels, or natural gas or petroleum that occurs in the area.”

But he wants to dig for some possible answers.

Johnson said, “I imagine you would have to do some serious excavation to find out the source of that. We would be happy to go up there and look. I’ve already talked about going up there and looking at the area. There probably isn’t a lot we can tell but we can get an idea of the general surroundings.”

The homeowner said he mowed the lawn recently and did not notice any kind of hole there before the fire.

Pendergrass said, “What ignited it and what fueled it we still don’t know. And it may remain forever a mystery.”



Poison drops on Molesworth Station suspended after 1080 drop kills dozens of red deer

Poison drops on New Zealand’s largest farm have been suspended after scores of red deer died in a 1080 operation targeting possum.

Deer hunters self-funded an aerial survey of the historic 180,000-hectare Molesworth Station in the South Island after a 1080 (monosodium fluoroacetate) drop in October last year by TBFree NZ was feared to have unintentionally wiped out as many as 345 red deer.

The final number of carcasses spotted lying on the vast farmland is yet to be publicly-released, with the Marlborough branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association (NZDA) saying its scientists are still writing their comprehensive report.

Meanwhile, Ospri, the government-backed company, formerly the Animal Health Board, which is fighting to eradicate tuberculosis (TB), has deferred any further drops on Molesworth Station “until at least next year”.

“The deferment was decided after the initial possum control operation [in] 2017 killed more deer than expected, meaning future operations may need to use deer repellent over a wide area,” an Ospri spokesman told the Herald.

Ospri say they are now undertaking further research and testing into alternative repellents, which could also prove “significantly more cost effective”.

NZDA Marlborough branch committee member Wayne Smith welcomed the move.

“We are pleased that further 1080 drops have been deferred,” he said.

“Hopefully the new deer repellent options will be effective as well and in future we see a large reduction in by-kill from these operations.”

The Department of Conservation (DoC), which owns the station and leases it to Landcorp Farming Ltd, gives Ospri permission to run pest control operations on public conservation land.

Ospri’s TBfree nine-year programme is designed to eradicate bovine tuberculosis from Molesworth, which has a long history with TB infection in its cattle herd and wildlife, dating back to the early 1960s.

Eight helicopters using GPS dropped toxic bait at 2kg/ha on a 61,200ha area late last October after “significant public and community engagement”.

“The justification for possum control was compelling and also carried significant conservation benefits,” an Ospri spokesman said at the time.

“Ospri recognises that there is always a risk of deer by-kill as a result of 1080 application for pest control and is committed to working with hunting groups to minimise the impacts on these populations through targeted use of deer repellent.”

DOC South Marlborough Operations Manager Phil Bradfield denied claims that local hunters weren’t allowed to go shoot deer before the 1080 drop.

“Recreational deer hunting is allowed on Molesworth with a permit and hunters were on Molesworth leading right up to the operation,” he said.

Experienced helicopter pilot Bill Hales, who has 40 years’ experience as a wild animal recovery operator (WARO), was disappointed by a “crying shame of a wasted resource”.

“Why not let us guys in there for three months before you have a poison drop and harvest the product? Why waste the resource?” he said.

Animal rights groups are opposed to the use of 1080.

Ospri said that until an alternative to 1080 is found, it remains “the best tool in the toolbox for controlling the introduced predators that transmit TB between wildlife and livestock”.

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Some Truth’s of Jerusalem That Many Do Not Agree On – Seek And Ye Shall Find!

Over the last few years, I have been on a journey of spiritual growth. One of immense learning of the Truth to what IS and what is just hearsay or false beliefs without any diligent research that I demand from those who “talk” about the past and their belief’s of it. So many have been led astray and I feel that on this blog, I must bring to light those things that I find searching the web as another piece to the puzzle that I post here.
I share these video’s, paper’s and articles purely for the search for Truth. I gain no monetary value of my time dispensed herein, but simply ask for you to consider and search even deeper for the Truth of Yahweh.
All that I post on this site is to stimulate your curiosity and for YOU, dear reader, to ask more questions of the Holy Spirit! With this, I humbly ask the viewer’s of this site to consider these video’s and all the posts I have been uploading. We are approaching the imminent return of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. Sept. 23rd, Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, the Red Heifer and the like that I post, are all “signs” that show us “flyer’s” (if you will) of His coming. There is a reason we are to watch the sky and a reason why we “see” certain events happening in Israel that should be keeping us aware of His imminent return. Keep us on our toes so to speak because through men, G-d will use to bring about His plans and we are commanded to watch for these things. Some impressive things are going on in the heavens above.
When the Lord returns, will He find faith? Or will He find those who keep denying the “signs” of His coming, even though we cannot explain it all? There is a reason for these signs… and sadly, many “Christian’s” are mocking these signs and taking them for granted and NOT seeing them for what they really are… markers! There is a reason why this comet was closest to Earth on Rosh Hashanah. There is a reason why this comet was in Auriga – a.k.a = The Shepherd! Do I need to be more blunt! Stop being so hard hearted and just believe as a child of G-d! Because this was the same attitude the Sadducees and the Pharisee’s had which caused their disbelief of His first coming. And we all know how Yeshua felt about them and their beliefs! Just Saying…


Those who believe, will receive! Matthew 21:22!
Here is my pic (taken 9-05-2018 early morning 3 a.m.) of Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner:

Giacobinni-Zinner 12P - 9-5-2018 2

Without blue circle:

Giacobinni-Zinner 12P - 9-5-2018

And now the video’s – (Pls sub all these fine vid channel’s:)
The Jerusalem Watch
Special Finds in the Ancient Biblical Jerusalem

Treasures Unearthed Part 1 | The Joshua and Caleb Report at the City of David

Perry Stone
Elijah and The Rebuilding of The 3rd Temple | Episode 901


We can see clearly, from these video’s, that Archeologist’s are really finding the 1st and 2nd Temple area’s of Jerusalem.  There should be no doubt as to where the Temple should be and how the entire city is and was laid out for thousands of years.

Keep looking up.  Our redemption draweth nigh!!!!