The Circle of Giants, A Stonehenge of the Middle East, Gilgal Rephaim………. 5 concentric mysterious circles found in the Golan Heights. These circles were built 5,000 years ago and pose one of the greatest mysteries of the Middle East. From the ground, you cannot see the circles, however they can be clearly seen from the sky. Who built them and for what purpose? Many theories have come up, and amongst them is the theory of the Giants, the Rephaim. In the center of the circles, there is also a chamber which has a window that serves as an ancient cosmic calendar. After receiving special permission from the military to visit this site and fly a drone here, we got the chance to finally share this mystery with you. UPDATE #1: The narration should say “because of the axial tilt of the earth” not “achieves it’s maximum tilt” because the tilt does not change much, but because of the tilt, the same spot on Earth gets different length of daylight throughout the year.

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