Pol-ice Use Lice-nse Plate Readers To ‘Gri-d’ Neighbor-hoods

Posted By: Yael Grauer August 13, 2019

Chances are your city is already hoovering up license plate images on every street, but there are few regulations to prevent it. Any city council could stop this unConst-itutional practice cold, if they would dare to make a protest. ⁃ TN Editor

Every shift in Chan-dler, pol-ice offi-cers in cars equipped with special cam-eras can be seen driving up and down every street in a neighborhood, gathering data on every vehicle in the area.

The cameras, known as automated lice-nse plate readers, or ALP-Rs, scan license plates of nearby cars, capturing images not only of the license plate number, but also recording where the vehicle is located and the time of day, among other things.

As part of the training for the AL-PR systems, Chandler officers are taught to “grid” neighborhoods during their downtime – systematically driving up and down every street in an area, indiscrim-inately scooping up information on vehicles – not because of any suspected crim-inal activity, but because the information might be useful in future crim-inal investi-gations. Watch video: https://www.technocracy.news/police-use-license-plate-readers-to-grid-neighborhoods/

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