Iran: ‘American Military Assets In Middle East Are Within Range Of Iran’s Missiles – If Iran Doesn’t Have Security Then No One Will

Iranian general: Either we have security or nobody doesA top official in Tehran’s mullah-led regime warns that if Iran doesn’t have security and stability then no one will. Iranian Gen. Hossein Dehghan, the adviser on defense affairs for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, told Al Jazeera on July 26 that his military’s shootdown of an American drone in June proved that Iran is strong enough to take “significant measures” against the United states. And he said it will confront all threats to its national security, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute. MEMRI said: “He also claimed that the U.S. has adopted a ‘defensive approach’ because American allies and American military assets in the Middle East are within range of Iran’s missiles. He threatened: “Either everybody enjoys security and stability, or nobody does.” In the interview, Dehghan said: “I say it loud and clear. If the goal is to threaten us and to provide security and stability to others, there will be no security whatsoever.”He repeated the threat that any interference in Iran’s oil business would stir trouble. “The countries in the Persian Gulf must accept one basic principle: Either everybody will enjoy security, or everybody will be denied the economic benefits of this important region,” he said. He claimed President Trump is “in dire need” of contact with Iran and is willing to give “great privileges” in exchange. Trump pulled the U.S. out of an international nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration that provided billions of dollars and other benefits to Iran. The U.S. has restored all of the sanctions that had been in place to convince Iran to give up its nuclear weapon program. Dehghan claimed: “The truth is that Trump and his administration – especially [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo and others – present scenarios about the need to topple our regime, to strike Iran militarily, to destroy Iran from within, and to create coalitions that will prevent Iran from becoming an influential regional power. How can we believe them after all of this? Therefore, their talk about negotiations is nothing but deception, hypocrisy, and plain lies. I think that Trump knows that he is lying with regard to the negotiations with Iran.” He said the Gulf Cooperation Council is dead. “Some of these countries contact us and ask us not to consider them as supportive of the current U.S. position,” he said. Dehghan claimed “all” of America’s “aircraft carriers, frigates, and military bases in the region are directly within the range of our missiles.” He said America’s allies “should not expect to have any safe place in the region” if a conflict breaks out.

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