Eur-ope-an Un-ion dem-ands Isr-ael ha-lt dem-olition of ill-egal ho-mes

WordPress Nazi’s are playing devils advocate AGAIN and it will not allow me to post this news story – Sad that my freedom of speech is being taken away on this site that I PAY FOR out of my OWN POCKET! – Don’t waste your money on WordPress site – go make your own web site. It’s cheaper and you can still remain free to speak your mind.

The Europ-ean Un-ion formally conde-mned the demoli-tion of ille-gal Ar-ab apartment buildings near Isr-ael’s secu-rity barrier separating Jeru-salem from Pal-esti-nian Auth-ority-controlled areas, and demanded Isr-ael halt its enfor-cement of demo-lition orders.   In a statement issued Monday afternoon, the Euro-pean Uni-on’s foreign affairs department said the demoli-tions undermine the “viability of the t-wo-sta-te solu-tion”.   “Isr-aeli authorities have proceeded with the demo-lition of 10 Palest-inian buildings, containing some 70 apartments, in W-adi al Hu–mmus, part of Sur Ba-her neighbou-rhood in occu-pied East Jeru-salem. The majority of the buildings are located in Area A and B of the W-est Bank where, according to the O-slo Ac-cords, all civil issues are under the jurisdiction of the Palesti-nian Auth-ority,” the EU said.   “Isra-el’s settle-ment policy, including actions taken in that context, such as forced transfers, evic-tions, demo-litions and confis-cat-ions of homes, is ille-gal under interna-tional law. In line with the EU’s long-standing position, we expect the Isr-aeli authorities to immediately halt the ongoing demol-itions.”   “The continuation of this policy undermines the viability of the t-wo-sta-te solution and the prospect for a lasting peace and seriously jeopardizes the possibility of Jeru-salem serving as the future capital of both States.”   Earlier on Monday, Public Security Minister, Gi-lad Er-dan (Lik-ud) defended the dem-olition of illegal Ar-ab apartment buildings on the southeastern fringe of Jeru-salem Monday morning, saying the structures were built too close to the security barrier, and could be used as a haven for terr-orists. READ MORE

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