PM Netanyahu: EU Approach To Iran Same As ‘Appeasement’ Of Nazi Germany Before WWII

Netanyahu compares EU approach to Iran with ‘appeasement’ of Nazi Germany before WWII
Reuters / Ronen Zvulun Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has compared Europe’s attitude to Iran with the 1930s appeasement of Nazi Germany, after the EU foreign policy chief said Tehran’s enrichment breach wouldn’t trigger the Iran deal’s dispute mechanism. The EU’s high representative Federica Mogherini said on Monday that the bloc did not regard Tehran’s recent breaches of the 2015 nuclear deal as being “significant” enough to set an official dispute in motion.  Mogherini said that none of the remaining parties to the accord had signaled any intention to invoke the JCPOA’s dispute article, which means that, so far, “none of them” think that Iran’s non-compliance “is considered to be significant non-compliance.” Netanyahu lashed out at Europe’s response, saying in a video statement that it was even comparable to appeasement and failed diplomacy with Nazi Germany before the outbreak of World War II. “(It) reminds me of the European appeasement of the 1930s…It seems there are those in Europe who will not wake up until Iranian nuclear missiles land on European soil. But then it will be too late, of course.”  People during that time “stuck their head in the sand” and “did not see the approaching danger,”Netanyahu warned. Mogherini said, however, that all recent steps taken by Iran are “reversible”and that the EU hopes the country will “go back to full compliance with the agreement.” Israel has been pushing for a harder line against Tehran from the EU, to match the response of the US. The Trump administration abandoned the deal last year, claiming among other things that it was among the worst deals he’d ever seen. The EU, the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) all maintained, however, that Tehran was still in compliance.

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