Don’t panic: Army warns DC residents armored vehicles roll through neighborhoods

by Nwo Report

Yep. That’s a TANK crossing the Potomac River for the first time in…well…ever??? #4thofjuly2019

— Eric Flack (@EricFlackTV) July 3, 2019

Tanks and armored personnel carriers passed through D.C. neighborhoods this week en route to the National Mall for President Trump’s ‘Salute to America.’

WASHINGTON — The military is telling Washington, D.C., residents not to panic if they see an armored personnel carrier rolling through their neighborhood.

At least two of the Bradley Fighting Vehicles were placed near the Lincoln Memorial in preparation for President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” Fourth of July event. The Bradley Fighting Vehicles were shipped from Georgia and weight roughly 55,200 pounds.

At least two other armored vehicles, two M1A1 Abrams Tanks, are planned to be moved to the Mall Wednesday evening.

NEW — @USArmy says armored vehicles WILL move through WASHINGTON TONIGHT.

Two M1 Bradley Armored Personnel Carriers.

Army spokesperson says, “you’ll see them moving through your neighborhood, but DON’T PANIC.”@WUSA9 #SaluteToAmerica #FourthofJuly

— Mike Valerio (@MikevWUSA) July 3, 2019

Well, here they are.

Two #tanks here at the Lincoln Memorial for the #4th_of_july_2019 events. #Salute2America festivities, planned by @realDonaldTrump, begin tomorrow. #GetUpDC @wusa9

— Evan Koslof (@ekoslof) July 3, 2019

As the sun comes up, you really can see how massive these are. Some details:

– Bradley Fighting Vehicle
– Here for #SaluteToAmerica
– 27.6 tons (Roughly 55,200 pounds)
– Shipped in from Georgia@wusa9 #GetUpDC

— Evan Koslof (@ekoslof) July 3, 2019

The armored vehicles are part of a larger military-themed celebration the president said includes flyovers by the Navy’s Blue Angels and one of the jetliners used as Air Force One.

While the entire celebration has received criticism for its cost and deviation from the District’s traditional Fourth of July event, the tanks in particular have proven controversial, with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton saying “weapons of war have no place on the National Mall.”

Just left the Nats game, and we were greeted by Trump’s tanks rolling through just outside the ballpark @fox5dc @nbcwashington

— Cole (@eloc8) July 3, 2019


#WATCH: There they go…
TANKS moving through the streets of DC… #SaluteToAmerica #July4th @wusa9
: Cole @eloc8

— LORENZO HALL (@LorenzoHall) July 3, 2019

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