Andrew Yang Pushes Controversial Geoengineering Policy In 2020 Campaign

Democratic 2020 Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, rarely surprises people with his unorthodox ideas. In this case, his approach to climate change management also stands in contrast to that of his Primary challengers. Yang, a venture capitalist, is pushing for a federal research program into geoengineering.

Most Democratic presidential candidates are holding strong, boisterous positions in the climate change field. Candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to utilize our military funds to combat a changing climate. There is talk of banning fracking by some Democrats. Yang’s geoengineering proposal is the most controversial of them all. And that’s saying a lot, all odd policies considered.

Geoengineering is a controversial deployment of manmade technology to change weather patterns. There are numerous ways to geoengineer the atmosphere, including sucking carbon dioxide out of the air. Bill Gates is currently funding a Harvard research team to block the sun.  To those who believe the earth is dying from a changing climate in short order, the sun is enemy number one.

Many believe that geoengineering is the only way to save us from absolute doom and despair. Others believe that geoengineering is happening via commercial airliners in a theory called “chemtrails.”

Once considered the most absurd green policy pitch, Yang also supports Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) Green New Deal.

But Yang desires more abrupt change than the already unsettling Green New Deal. And that’s saying a lot.

“To me, this is not an either/or. This is a, ‘We have to do everything we can to keep our heads above water, literally and figuratively,’” Yang told HuffPost recently. “Even as we’re trying to move toward more renewable sources of energy, we have to start facing facts.”

Yang doesn’t believe that clean energy policy is enough. He believes that geoengineering can help us catch up and level the playing field. In other words, Yang believes we are too far lost at sea when it comes to managing the climate, so he proposes more bold solutions. Of course, Yang fails to help us understand how untested manmade technological interventions in our atmosphere aren’t risky. We are simply to assume that we’ll all die like ants under the sky’s billowing microscope if we don’t…

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