IT BEGINS: California’s Enormous Budget Includes Taxpayer-Funded Health Care for Illegals (Details)

by Nwo Report

Source: J.R.

Californian’s knew what they were going to get when they elected Gavin Newsom to replace Jerry Brown.

Great for illegal aliens, bad for law-abiding Americans.

From Breitbart:

California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a $215 billion budget on Thursday, which includes taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens.

Newsom signed the massive $214.8 billion funding bill into law, which includes a provision that would expand health care for people who are illegally in the U.S. and penalizes people who do not purchase health insurance, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The California Democrat had proposed expanding health care for illegal aliens long before he took office.

Newsom is as far-left as they come.

He recently sent a tweet aimed at President Trump that failed spectacularly.

Remember, this is the guy who is calling for women to come get abortions in the Golden State; who’s wife is known as the “first partner” of California.


California’s what happens when rights are respected. When work is rewarded. When nature’s protected. When diversity is celebrated and free markets are fair markets.

We are nothing less than the progressive answer to a transgressive President. #CADEM19

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