Not-So-Deep Fakes: New AI-Powered App Creates Realistic Nude Photos of Women for $50

In 2019, you don’t have to be just afraid of hackers who may leak your closely guarded private photos. A newly developed artificial neural network only needs to be fed a normal picture to replace your clothes with what’s under them.

An anonymous ‘technology enthusiast’ has created an app which is able to undress a fully clothed person within a couple of clicks, triggering concerns over the ethics of such technology and non-consensual photo sharing.

The app in question is called DeepNude – a play on the new term deepfake – an AI-assisted technology that superimposes faces onto other bodies in both photos and videos, potentially allowing users to create revenge porn, for example.

The website where one can download the app was launched in late March, according to the Twitter account of the enigmatic creator. The app is available in two versions, premium and free.

According to a report by Vice, one does not have to be tech-savvy to use this sexually oriented, automated version of Photoshop. Curious users only have to upload the photo they want to “undress”, click on the button and wait some 30 second until the AI processes it….

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