Democrat District Attorney Announces Criminals Can ROAM FREE, Will NOT Prosecute Certain Crimes

by Nwo Report

Source: J.R

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

The district attorney of Dallas County has apparently never heard this phrase.

John Creuzot is now, basically, giving criminals a free pass to do whatever they want without getting punished.


From CBS Local:

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Dallas County Criminal District Attorney John Creuzot, who campaigned on criminal justice reform, announced he no longer plans to prosecute certain low-level crimes.

His office is in the process of dropping many of those cases.

He’s already dismissed more than 1,000 drug possession cases during his first three months in office.

Shortly after being elected in November 2018, Creuzot said, “On my agenda is to not ask judges to send people to the penitentiary for technical violations of their probation – for instance not doing community service, not paying fines and fees.”

In a letter to the people of Dallas County, Creuzot said his office will no longer prosecute many first-time marijuana offenses or any drug possession cases involving less than .01 grams of a drug.

Former Dallas County Prosecutor, Judge Mike Snipes said, “I think it’s forward looking. I think it’s pioneering… People who have minor offenses have a better chance of rehabilitating their life and getting back on track.”

The Texas police union wants this DA gone!

From Dallas News:

Austin police Sgt. Todd Harrison, president of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, said in a written statement that Creuzot’s plan was “unacceptable.”

“When he was campaigning for the office, we don’t remember not prosecuting crime as part of his platform,” Harrison said in the statement.

Creuzot, a Democrat who took the post in January, has said his office would no longer prosecute most first-time marijuana offenses and theft of personal items worth less than $750, unless the theft was for financial gain.


The district attorney also intends to curb excessive bail and probation periods, he wrote in an open letter to the public.

Creuzot said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that his new policy not to prosecute thefts of personal items under $750 was based on research that shows that people who steal necessities like food or diapers “do so out of hunger and poverty.”

“This policy was created to help address poverty-related problems, and combat the misuse of resources and taxpayer money,” he said.


Patrick Wilson, county and district attorney for Ellis County, issued a statement after Creuzot’s announcement assuring Ellis County residents that “there will be no wholesale declarations that certain laws will not be enforced in this county.”

Wilson said it would be dangerous to rely on changing social conventions to determine how to enforce laws.

“If the citizens of Ellis County want a district attorney who refuses to enforce certain laws, they can get one,” Wilson wrote in a statement Friday. “But not while I’m in office.”

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