Taps Run Dry in Socialist Venezuela as Blackout Chokes Water Supply

Venezuela calls public sector back to work as blackout recedes

Venezuelans are now experiencing chronic shortages of water as prolonged blackouts continue to choke the country’s basic ability to function, raising further fears about the severity of the country’s deepening humanitarian crisis.

Residents in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas have been forced to stand in long queues to fill their bottles with water, as regular power outages mean that vital water pumps are unable to operate.

“Caracas depends on a network of reservoirs and pumping systems that are in very poor condition,” David Marrero, a member of the public services team from the El Hatillo municipality, told Bloomberg. “When there is no electricity, there is no pumping, and Caracas runs out of water.” https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2019/04/02/taps-run-dry-in-socialist-venezuela-as-blackout-chokes-water-supply/

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