Report Confirms: Russia ‘Steadily Expanding Military Influence’ in Africa

Russia is intensifying its military presence and influence in Africa by “increasing arms sales, security agreements, and training programs for unstable countries or autocratic leaders,” a move that is causing concern in the West, the New York Times confirms.

In recent years, U.S. military officials and independent analysts warned against Russian activities in Africa, particularly in support of Libyan warlord Gen. Khalifa Haftar, whose Libyan National Army (LNA) from the breakaway government controls most of the nation, including the lucrative onshore oil fields.

When unveiling President Donald Trump’s Africa strategy in December 2018, U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton also accused Russia of “predatory practices” that interfere with American military operations on the continent and pose a significant threat to America’s homeland security interests

More recently, Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, the commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), expressed concerns about Russia’s deployment of paramilitary troops from the private military company Wagner Group into the Central African Republic (CAR) when testifying before American lawmakers in March.

Wagner is linked to the Russian military.

“Russia is also a growing challenge and has taken a more militaristic approach in Africa,” Waldhauser told lawmakers. Read more:

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