A $450 Million Da Vinci Painting Vanishes Into Thin Air

Back in November 2017, “Salvator Mundi,” a painting of Jesus that was controversially attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, was driving the art world crazy. Aside from its sky high price of $450 million and its sale to a bidder that many thought represented Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the painting’s authenticity was also called into question.

Which is why when the Louvre Abu Dhabi cancelled a planned showing of the work this week, it caught the eye of art world yet again. Not only that, but the museum’s culture department has deflected questions about the work and other museum workers have said that they “do not know where the painting is,” according to Inquisitr.

The bottom line: the painting appears to have vanished into thin air.

French officials at the Louvre in Paris expected to get the painting for an exhibition later this year that will mark the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci’s death. They hoped that the painting would surface prior to then, but so far, it hasn’t.  Read more: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-01/450-million-da-vinci-painting-vanishes-thin-air

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