Christian Genocide In Nigeria

Christians are being slaughtered in Nigeria. A newly released report says that since February, 120 have been killed and 140 homes destroyed. Fulani militants are to blame. The Fulani are a large Islamic nomadic group who have been, according to some accounts, engaged in an “ethnic cleansing” of Christians from the areas they seek to control. To put their carnage into context, consider this shocking account from Christian Solidarity Worldwide, who has been tracking the attacks on Christians in Nigeria (emphasis mine): Armed with sophisticated weaponry, including AK-47s, and in some cases chemicals and even rocket launchers, the Fulani herder militia is believed to have murdered more people in 2015, 2016 and 2017 than Boko Haram; destroying, overrunning and seizing property and land, and displacing tens of thousands. Over 54 communities in Plateau State have been occupied and renamed, and around 11,833 victims displaced by these attacks are housed in about 17 camps in different parts of the state. The majority of these are children, the elderly and women, including pregnant women and nursing mothers. More than Boko Haram! That is saying something, as Boko Haram has been the Islamic terror organization in Nigeria for years. It was categorized by the State Department as a terrorist organization in 2013. It’s horrific to think that these kinds of sustained violence continue in our world. As much as we would like to think that mass murder is not a common occurrence, it is a fact of life for some. And no matter who perpetrates the violence, it is always evil and wrong.

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