VA bill pushes baby by contract

A new surrogacy law in Virginia will mean babies are up for sale.

surrogacy pregnancy (use inside story only)

HB 1979 deletes mention of a father and mother, or husband and wife, so it allows anyone to enter a surrogacy contract with a woman to be impregnated and carry their child. So a single person or a homosexual pair can use the rent-a-womb contract to have a child.

Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation of Virginia says the bill is a disconnection from the state’s public policy, “because it’s the first time that our public policy will have the creation of children totally disconnected from any biological parent.”

Cobb, Virginia (Family Foundation - Virginia)

And it turns babies into a commodity, which Cobb says means the state is moving from the idea of adoption to contracts.

“And it’s very alarming,” she says, “that this is the way that we are treating human life.”

According to the legislation, a woman who contracts to have the baby will lose any authority for decision making — at least in one sinister regard.

“We’re also concerned about the idea that there would be contracts where abortion would be part of the contract,” Cobb warns, “that forced abortions can occur as a result of these surrogacy contracts.”

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