UK: Bangladeshi Migrant Rapes Boy, 15, in Public Park

A 15-year-old boy was raped twice by a Bangladeshi migrant who gave him a cannabis joint which made him feel “dizzy” in Bolton, north-west England.

Mohammed Suman, 33, approached the boy near the city’s town hall on July 2nd last year and offered him the drugs in order to “ingratiate himself and bring about a sense of confidence” with him, said Judge Timothy Stead in comments reported by Bolton News.

Suman persuaded the boy to go for a walk with him, then “asked for sex on a number of occasions… [the boy] repeatedly said no,” explained Juliet Berry, prosecuting.

The Bangladeshi, who arrived in Britain in 2003, did not take no for an answer, however, manhandling the boy against a fence, pulling down his pants, and raping him.

The teenager eventually managed to separate himself from Suman and tried to get away through Queens Park, but soon realised he was tracking him.

Ms Berry said the 15-year-old “told him to go away” but he instead he raped his victim a second time.

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