‘Thank You, Vladimir’: Modi Unveils Factory That Will Build 750,000 Kalashnikovs For Indian Military

Much the West’s chagrin, Pakistan’s decision to release a captured Indian fighter pilot did surprisingly little to de-escalate tensions with India. And as deadly shelling along the heavily militarized “line of control” continues, it’s becoming apparent that the most anxiety-provoking outbreak of tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbors isn’t just going to resolve itself.

And as world powers jockey to mediate the conflict, the opening of a factory in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where hundreds of thousands of AK-203s will be produced might portend an important development in the conflict: As Washington urges New Delhi to embrace a more peaceful tact, and other Western powers (like the UK) have tried to pressure Pakistan, Moscow is aligning itself closer to India.


Here’s more from RT:

India’s PM Narendra Modi has inaugurated a Kalashnikov plant which is set to produce hundreds of thousands of AK-203s for the army locally, as the Indian forces are steadily phasing out their aging assault rifles.

Located in the northeastern state of Uttar Pradesh, the plant was on Sunday launched by Prime Minister Modi and top military brass in the town of Amethi. The newest Kalashnikov firearm will help Indian forces fight terrorist and separatist groups, the Indian premier said.

Modi also extended his praise “to my friend President Vladimir Putin,” adding, “this venture was made possible in such a short time by his support.” The Russian leader, in turn, said in a statement that producing the rifles on Indian soil will give a boost to the local defense industry, develop know-how and create new jobs. Read more: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-03/thank-you-vladimir-modi-unveils-factory-will-build-750000-kalashnikovs-indian

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