Turkey Condemns China’s Muslim Internment Camps

China launches anti-halal crackdown in Xinjiang city

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a stern condemnation of China’s policy of using internment camps to torture and “re-educate” Uighur nationals and other Muslims into communist atheist ideology and Han culture on Saturday, triggering an outraged response from Beijing Monday accusing the Turks of human rights violations against Kurdish citizens.

The Chinese Communist Party began building internment camps last year in westernmost Xinjiang province, home to the majority of the nation’s Uighur ethnic minority. Up to two million Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities, such as Kyrgyz and Kazakhs, are believed to have disappeared into these camps. The camps are not prisons – the Chinese regime explicitly does not charge the prisoners therein with crimes – but survivors say they are subject to torture just as body contortion, sleep deprivation, electroshock, and other ill treatment and forced to learn Mandarin and pledge allegiance to Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. Late last year, evidence surfaced that Beijing is using the Xinjiang prisons as slaves and are building factories in the internment camp grounds.

Outside of the camps, reports from as recently as last week revealed that Chinese police were forcing Uighurs throughout Xinjiang to eat pork and drink alcohol, both forbidden by Islam, to diminish their religious devotion. Police reportedly threatened those who did not consume the haram products with imprisonment at a “vocational center.”

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2019/02/11/great-shame-for-humanity-turkey-condemns-chinas-muslim-internment-camps/

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