1. Robert says:

    Hi Hummingbird027 , I have followed you for a long time now , I use to believe your “Before RAPTURE” predictions . Reading my Bible and from Sunday school , I was taught that Jesus Christ will return one more time . I was going to Bible study and they also believed the same as you . They said we are the BRIDES OF CHRIST also , and we will be raptured before the Tribulation starts , and that Jesus does not put his feet on earth and that does not count and his second coming … Well if you go to Matthew CH. 24 verse 29 … it states that IMMEDIATELY After the Tribulation , Jesus will gather the dead in Christ and the Christian still alive on Earth… Now go to Mark CH. 13 verse 24 ,After the Tribulation he will send his Angels to gather the dead in Christ and so on … Every Prophet suffered and so did the Apostles , Christian all over the world are being KILLED in the name of Christ … Why do think we should escape the Tribulation ??? Keep up the good work , I enjoy all your posts … Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU … Robert

    • Like I’ve always said on my videos and papers, You get what you ask for. Ask and you shall receive. So my question to you is, why are you limiting God’s love for you to give you the best life, even better than you can imagine. I think it time to start dreaming bigger and really realizing how much God loves us and desires us to be with Him. Just saying, Yahweh bless you and yours.

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