What will it take to admit Muslim brutality?

[Editor’s note: The following column contains graphic descriptions which may be unsettling to some readers.]

It’s hard to go through the holiday season – Christmas and New Year’s – and realize that the horror in today’s world continues. The threats and deaths from Islamic terrorism continue, and the West seemingly refuses to recognize what is going on, who and what is responsible, and to take steps to end it.

But first, Western nations and their media have to pay attention to the atrocities and report them accurately. Too often, they report the “news” incorrectly or with minimum detail, and then the “stories” disappear.

Case in point: the murders of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco on Dec. 22. The story was covered briefly by European media and even less in the United States. I first saw the story on the internet, and there was very brief coverage in my newspapers – but then it just disappeared.

Move on, there’s nothing to see here.

But there was something to see and unfortunately, I made it a point to see it.

The bodies of 28-year-old Maren Ueland of Norway, and 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen of Denmark, were found near their tent. The women had been backpacking in Morocco in the high Atlas Mountains near Rabat.

First reports were that the women had been murdered. Abdelhak Khiam, the head of Morocco’s Central Office for Judicial Investigating said, “The two victims were stabbed, had their throats cut and then were beheaded.”

Short, sweet and to the point – but it wasn’t quite that simple.

The killers photographed the mayhem they perpetuated – moving pictures in living color with natural sound. Not only did they make the tape available online – where I saw and heard it – but they also sent it to the families and friends of the young women.

I was scanning the internet that evening in late December when I came across the video of the murders. I decided to watch it regardless of how horrific it might be; because to a civilized mind, this type of violence is almost unbelievable. I wanted to see for myself what happened.

I thought I had seen ‘beheadings before in the news, the result of
Islamic terrorism. Those had been somewhat simple: kneeling person, long swing of a sword and off with the head. Despite the hideousness of what was done, those videos were relatively antiseptic
Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2019/01/what-will-it-take-to-admit-muslim-brutality/#U82tjcpjL2RtUFks.99

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