Here’s another border wall getting high marks.

Israel raises height of fence on Egypt border | The Times ...

Do border walls work?

Yes, they do, say Israelis who built a particularly troublesome barrier six years ago in cooperation with Egypt.

Today, says Ofer Israeli, an international security expert, says it has almost completely halted the mass movement of illegal migration from Africa, other human trafficking problems and provided defense against terrorist attacks.

Human trafficking “is almost zero now,” he says.

It is one of the border barriers inspected by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen six months ago when officials in the U.S. were looking for ideas for President Trump’s Mexico wall.

“Border security is national security,” said Nielsen at the time. “Our Israeli partners know that better than anyone and I was fortunate today to see the incredible work they’re doing to keep their territory and citizens safe.”

While a government shutdown is still in place over Trump’s call for Congress to approve $5.7 billion in funding for of the wall, Israel built its border wall for just $380 million. It is 143 miles wide and is between 15 and 24 feet in height. It took three years to complete.

“The obstacle separates two entities: Israel and Egypt,” said Israeli. “Today, inside Egypt, there are groups that view Israel as a target for attack. Here, too, the fence has managed to decrease friction both because of the physical obstacle, which is difficult to overcome, and because of the sensors installed on it.”

The setting up of dedicated IDF units whose goal is to patrol the fence and prevent cross-border infiltrations into Israel, is a major part of the barrier’s success, he stated. Another positive side effect has also been the decrease in cross-border narcotics-smuggling, according to Israeli.

“The quantity of drugs coming has significantly dropped,” he said.

Part of the success of the Israeli-Egypt border barrier, other Israeli experts say, is due to the cooperation between the two nations. Both countries have common security concerns.

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