FRANCE: “BANK RUN, THIS SATURDAY 8:00 AM” – Protesters to Crash the banks!

For the past 8 weeks or so, tens-of-thousands of French citizens have taken to the streets in protest of conditions in their country.

They want change.  Instead, they have government using cops to beat them and tear-gas them.

So this Saturday, the “Yellow Jackets” are going for the “kill shot”:  They’re going after the banks!

Social Media is abuzz today with hundreds of confirmations that the Yellow Jackets intend a deliberate BANK RUN starting this Saturday at 8:00 AM.

The trouble is, as other French citizens see these plans revealed . . .  THEY are already heading to the banks.  Right now.  Today.


This is literally a catastrophe-in-the-making for France; and it’s government in particular.

Going after the financial system via an intentional BANK RUN will kill the country economically.  There’s no getting around it.

There simply isn’t enough cash money in circulation to cover the withdrawals of all those people.  Same as here in the USA.  Same as . . . . everywhere.

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