“Rain of Fire” in Scheveningen, The Netherlands


New Year’s celebrations in the Netherlands left two dead in accidents possibly caused by fireworks, according to the investigations carried out so far by the Police, as well as several injured for this reason, inform on Tuesday the Dutch local media.

A man was found dead shortly after midnight on Monday in the eastern city of Enschede, the victim of an explosion of fireworks, police suspect, judging by the testimonies of some neighbors and the remains of material pyrotechnic found in the area.

However, the authorities continue with the investigation to confirm the exact causes of the death.

In addition, the police believe that the fireworks were also at the origin of the death of a second person in the town of Morra, in the north of Holland.

For its part, the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, a hospital center specialized in ophthalmology in this port city, received eight people with eye damage caused by pyrotechnic devices, a result similar to that of previous years.

In addition, in The Hague the traditional bonfire held every year on the beach of Scheveningen to welcome the new year went out of control to reach large dimensions and ended up causing a fire that affected the neighboring houses and forced the intervention of firefighters, although it did not cause victims.

The images published in local media and social networks are spectacular. The strong wind caused an authentic ‘rain’ of fire, with tornadoes included, which spread through the population and scared away the pedestrians. Although luckily there were no regrets wounded.

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