This is what 5G was made for… can you guess what comes next?

Folks if you are not aware of what’s going on around you… you might want to pinch yourself or take a cold shower to WAKE UP!!!!

The mark of the beast is getting closer and closer and what are you doing about it?

What can we do about it?

We can – Obey Yahweh’s commandments.

We can – Tell EVERYONE about the coming Kingdom of GOD!!!!

We can live today for our God and our neighbors because of the love in our hearts:)  Feed the poor, care for widows and orphans, pick up your cross and carry it, forsake this world because it’s going to BURN!!!!  And so will your unrighteous WORKS!!!!!

We can share everything we know so that everyone is aware of the Truth because it is the ONLY thing that will SET US FREE!!!!

Take special notice of the “red” time frames and how quickly this is all coming to pass.

Elon Musk wants to cover the world with internet from space

SpaceX requests permission from US government to operate network of 4,425 satellites to provide high-speed, global internet coverage – Thu 17 Nov 2016

The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is planning to put more than 4,000 satellites in orbit in order to blanket the Earth with internet access.

SpaceX, the privateer space company led by Musk, is requesting permission from the US government to operate a massive network of 4,425 satellites – plus “in-orbit spares” – to provide high-speed, global internet coverage.

Documents filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday propose an initial launch of 800 satellites to create an orbiting digital communications array to cover the US, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

In the filing, SpaceX said: “The system is designed to provide a wide range of broadband and communications services for residential, commercial, institutional, government and professional users worldwide.”  Read More:


SpaceX plans worldwide satellite Internet with low latency, gigabit speed

SpaceX designing low-Earth orbit satellites to dramatically reduce latency.



SpaceX hits two milestones in plan for low-latency satellite broadband

SpaceX got good news from the FCC and will launch two demo satellites Saturday.

SpaceX’s satellite broadband plans are getting closer to reality. The company is about to launch two demonstration satellites, and it is on track to get the Federal Communications Commission’s permission to offer satellite Internet service in the US.

Neither development is surprising, but they’re both necessary steps for SpaceX to enter the satellite broadband market. SpaceX is one of several companies planning low-Earth orbit satellite broadband networks that could offer much higher speeds and much lower latency than existing satellite Internet services.

Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai proposed approving SpaceX’s application “to provide broadband services using satellite technologies in the United States and on a global basis,” a commission announcement said. SpaceX would be the fourth company to receive such an approval from the FCC, after OneWeb, Space Norway, and Telesat. “These approvals are the first of their kind for a new generation of large, non-geostationary satellite orbit, fixed-satellite service systems, and the Commission continues to process other, similar requests,” the FCC said today.

SpaceX’s application has undergone “careful review” by the FCC’s satellite engineering experts, according to Pai. “If adopted, it would be the first approval given to an American-based company to provide broadband services using a new generation of low-Earth orbit satellite technologies,” Pai said.

Falcon 9 has two demo satellites – Read More:

See also:


Now today… 12-03-2018… It’s started….

Blastoff! SpaceX Launches 64 Satellites on Used Rocket

Published on Dec 3, 2018

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express mission to low Earth orbit on Dec. 3, 2018. It is carrying 64 satellites. Credit: SpaceX



Do you serve Yahweh or the “World?”


It has been said, “The mirror of a man’s heart is his actions,” Dr. Doug Weiss.

The mirror of God’s heart is in His actions.

Can’t you “see” what He’s doing for you!!!!?


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