What if…? EAS is National Emergency – 50k Arrests Oct 3rd???

Published on Sep 25, 2018

As a Bible prophecy teacher, Stan looks at the news headlines in light of the scripture. What is the POSSIBILITY of a judgment coming to America as soon as October 3rd, 2018? This is NOT a “Thus saith the Lord” but it is a scenario based on scriptures, news headlines, and modern day prophecies which all seem to corroborate the same conclusion.

One thought on “What if…? EAS is National Emergency – 50k Arrests Oct 3rd???

  1. Thank you for sharing sister! I thoroughly enjoy your work in edifying the body. My research shows Trump is controlled opposition, a Jesuit trained coadjutor, about to bring in martial law (in contrast with BHO’s lawlessness and extreme liberalism) in a Hegelian dialect construct after first having divided the US from within (under the guise of ‘draining the swamp’, patriotism and MAGA), appeasing many evangelicals. America will be judged for its sins and people, although tempted, should not follow man (especially an unrepentant one who acts from the flesh and often times contrary to Scripture), but Jesus alone. Jesus calls us to be spiritually ready (letters to the churches Revelation 3) for his imminent coming for us in the rapture first and foremost and inform others.

    Google ‘Trump Jesuit’, one example:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZmyVS4OeHg

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