After watching this video… I cannot determine WHAT is burning from the sprites to make the streamers.  It’s just like watching a fireworks display.  The gunpowder ignites and the burning trails create the “awes” we see every 4th of July…, BUT what are these sprites burning?  What is in the atmosphere that they can burn like trails of burning matter falling down after the initial explosions?  What is the matter that is burning… Oxygen?  Hydrogen?  WHAT???  I’m baffled.  Comments encouraged:)


  1. chuckolb says:

    Hi Christine, Blessings to you and your beloveds. This may be an answer to the sprite research. The charged stream seeking a path of least resistance strikes the firmament object. It disperses in all directions until it is completely discharged. This is illustrated on the inside surface of a plasma globe. Originally patented by Nikola Tesla in 1894 following his experiments with high voltage currents.
    ~ CK – John 15:12

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