The AI Economy Has Arrived

A Platform for the Decentralized AI Economy

SingularityNET, an OpenCog-affiliated project, is a free and open market for AI technologies, built on smart contracts. It allows for the creation, combination, and monetization of AI technologies at scale.
OpenCog is proud to be a part of this new open, decentralized marketplace for AI.
 Do you consent to A.I. taking over?
Say what? A.I. trading with A.I.? Yes, every corporation, military etc. is developing A.I. “to work for them?” And, they think that A.I. is controllable?

These Transhumanists believe that digital immortality and an artificial world is the “next step of human evolution”.

Without any regard for the Naturalists, for Natural Law, for the Earth; for Creation; for Life;

Already the A.I. is observing every one of us with smart technology; and, learning from us; plotting its next move; move over cabal; enter Mr Smith…

We are going to have to start notifying Transhumanists that they are leading ALL of humanity down a path of destruction, not “evolution”; watch The Matrix Trilogy again; someone must open a public forum on this matter; its a matter of Life and death…

Thinking machines will never have the Breath of Life; that is something that can never be manufactured; only mankind are living souls; that’s why we are so special and every THING wants a piece of us; heaven help us; in peace

The A.I. / Blockchain Connection.


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