22 thoughts on “The Light of God 5-21-16

  1. Sue Stanton says:

    Wonderful to have you back and hope you are all settled and things are getting better for you and your family. Funny that I was reading a study on flat earth done by an astronomy professor and if you read his claims then it so simple to see the real truth. I know how you like to study things and thought I would pass this along for you to add to your knowledge base and really hope that you will take a look at it at least. May the Lord Bless you and your family and we all await that great and glorious day to finally be home with our Lord! https://answersingenesis.org/astronomy/earth/is-the-earth-flat/

  2. Tom Jarvi says:

    Humming Bird noooo, please don’t fall into the deception that the earth is flat. I’ve looked at the FE videos and it’s all misinformation. Please use common sense and observations with your own eyes, and pray n ask Father Yahweh to give you wisdom and understanding concerning it. I really believe the FE stuff is some kind of mind control experiment perpetrated by the very ones they are trying to expose. I would very much like to show common sense evidence that it is a sphere. How can i correspond with you, through email? The FE groups are kinda like cults, and pride seems to be their main driving force. The firmament has not existed since the global flood. Yahshuah is the truth, ask Him with an open heart n mind about this FE stuff i know He will give you eyes to see through the deception of it. are you on FB? if so friend me please.

  3. So good to hear you’re huge voice of TRUTH again. We’ve missed you so and do appreciate all you’re research you are brilliant & thank you for sharing what you have been taught by the Holy Spirit. Blessing you & you’re new location and looking forward to hearing more when you can.

  4. itsmelaural says:

    Wow!! God must be doing a new and mighty work in many of us for these last minutes of life as we know it! For He has also just moved me from Nevada, back to Los Angeles! And truly, right in the middle of what’s coming to the West Coast! but well; I asked for it -praying for Him to use me mightily for such a time as this, and for His Glory! So here I am, ready (prayerfully) like you and many others, a watchman on the wall sounding the alarm in our own way! So blessed Christine, that God has nudged your heart once again to come and continue to show us, teach us, and open our eyes and heart to the truth. Thank you for reminding and encouraging us to press on!! To our Father God, Yeshuah, and The Mighty Holy Spirit be all Glory, Honor, and Praise!! Amen <

  5. Ed Silvia says:

    Christine you sound so tiered. Moving from Colorado had to be horrible. Who can ague with praying to know & do God’s will. I’ll add you to my prayer list. I hope you don’t think me blasphemous to suggest you investigate the story of Our Lady of Good Success, the miraculous 400 year old statue in the conceptionist convent in Quito Ecuador and the story of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres. St Mary & Jesus promised Mother Mariana they would preserve the statue and convent until the end of time and that this story would only start to become known at the end of the 20th century. It takes a docile soul open to the inspirations of grace to accept this. Such a one cannot help but be touched by the life sorry of Mother Mariana.

  6. So glad you’re back. I too just look for something from you yesterday for some reason I looked again today , God is so awesome.
    God Bless

  7. Jodi Lee says:

    Each comment I have read so far echoes exactly how much I’ve missed you,have been praying for you & your family & am thrilled to hear from you again! Your world has been rocked to the core & you have stood firm with the Lord. You have been through the fires & have come out as Gold. You have withstood the attacks of the enemy & stand on Solid Ground–The Rock of Ages,Jesus. You sound calm,steady & determined to fulfill your Destiny in God’s Kingdom. Love you Sis–Can’t wait to see you when we all go HOME!

  8. Joe Sexton says:

    Hey my Sister in CHRIST,here is a song that I would like for you to listen to, and tell me what you think of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENtL_li4GbE&index=2&list=RDAHe_qmo3gX4

  9. Like the others that have commented, I was thrilled to see your video come up in my YouTube list of new videos. I too have wondered how you were doing since you left us. I knew you weren’t in a very good place with all that was going on in your life, but you were trusting the Lord in it all. Soooo glad you’re settled and out of Colorado and are starting a new venture in the East. You are so precious and I love your teaching and the wisdom you share. Love you sweet sister in Christ.

    • tybash says:

      So glad your back. I too moved from Illinois to Washington State. Pretty much lost everything and am starting all over until Jesus comes. its nice to hear your voice. Ive missed you freind.

  10. Steve Angell says:

    Glad to hear you.
    You are much nearer to me in MD now. I lived 17 years in Colorado early in our marriage.
    Take care of yourself. Continue to believe the Old Testament.

  11. Beth Heart says:

    Glad to hear your voice again. I have been praying for you and your family. Glad to hear that you moved closer to my way. Blessing sisters. Looking forward to hearing from you more.

  12. Welcome back! I must tell you that you posting this video reveals even more about God knowing and wanting to give you the desires of your heart. As God is my witness a day or two ago I was really missing your daily videos in my life. I was pondering where you went. Why you left. Wondering if I’d ever know. Hoping you were ok. Wishing you’d come back. I could’ve done a backflip today, when I saw your youtube post. I told my husband, “my friend is back”. He said “Hummingbird027”? I said YES! I’ll admit that I was a little taken aback when you mentioned moving to the EAST coast. And then you summed up that decision quite nicely at the end of your video. WOW. I’m amazed. And now I have something new to ponder. Can’t wait to “see you soon”! God bless you!

  13. Oh! I’m so excited to hear you! I hope you are doing good and have thought of you often!

  14. Glad you are back! I thought I would just check to see if by some miracle you might have put up something, and I see you just put it up today, the same day I checked! That is really miraculous as I haven’t checked in some time now. Glad to hear your voice again. I have a daughter living in New England, so hope you are faring a lot better over there now in the East! You had such a wonderful animal menagerie I remember you had a short video about in your back yard. God richly bless you always!

  15. Carol Loeb says:

    you’re back! You are so encouraging! Truth…I just looked for you last night and here you are! Blessings Sister

  16. Laura Jones says:

    Oh it’s so wonderful to hear your voice!!! I’m so glad you put a link in youtube so I could find you again! I’m just a couple weeks from moving myself! (but actually these days seem to be even more plagued with struggles, lukewarmness, apathy, compromise, sleepyness, lack of focus, and accusation by the enemy!) So I’ll agree with you all in prayer for a fresh hunger and thirsting for righteousness, Amen!

  17. Rhona Kornel says:

    Wish your voice was recorded louder, have to strain to hear. Nice to hear from you. I came to the conclusions of flat earth and the sin of the angels with women too. Tares among us – many have no soul and are of Satan’s seed.
    I’m up the east coast from you in Quebec but feel I may be called to pack up and leave to South America or even around the Red Sea as some have too – before the final place of safety.
    God bless.

  18. Nanc Danemom says:

    if your in NJ… welcome. glad to have you on the east cost and away from the demonic Colorado…. seems they are getting worse day by day… good to hear you again.

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