One thought on “Dominion of Man, Kingdom of God, Flat Earth – End Series

  1. Rhona Kornel says:

    I know what you mean that we are terribly indoctrinated. I could understand the flat earth as soon as I started coming across the videos. Just so you know. I’m out of the Catholic church too ha ha, actually I was not in it. I was in the new age. I keep the Sabbath and Feasts now. Just want you to know, I get a lot of your videos. I was called just over 5 years ago and probably started listening to you soon after when you started 4 years ago. The snare is coming, few will be ready, I hope to see you in the Kingdom, I think you will have an amazing crown (s) for everything you do for the body.
    God bless
    Stay strong to the end (Mat 24:13).

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