Israeli Ambassador: UN ‘Would Vote to Declare That the Earth is Flat, if the Palestinians Proposed it’

UM…. MR. Prosor… the Earth is FLAT! Genesis 1 – God declared this in the Beginning. NASA/Nazi’s have duped us all. Stop listening to the LIES of Men and harken unto the Word of the Lord and of His Spirit.

By Patrick Goodenough | September 11, 2015 | 1:55 AM EDT
Flags of member states fly in front of the United Nations headquarters building in New York City. Within days the Palestinian flag will be raised among them. (U.N. Photo by J.C. McIlwaine, File)

( – Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. slammed the world body Thursday for voting to allow the Palestinian flag to fly at its headquarters, accusing member-states of submitting to the Palestinian leadership’s “every whim and caprice.”

“Time and again, the Palestinians use and abuse the U.N.” said Ron Prosor. “The sad part is that you – you in this chamber – allow them to get away with it.”

“This assembly would vote to declare that the earth is flat if the Palestinians proposed it,” he said.

Prosor was speaking after the General Assembly voted 119-8 to allow the flags of “non-member observer states” to fly among those of member-states in New York and at other U.N. offices, a decision that was met by enthusiastic applause in the chamber.

The U.N. only recognizes two “non-member observer states,” the Palestinian entity and the Holy See. The Vatican was not a party to the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) initiative and earlier asked that its name be removed from the draft resolution.

One thought on “Israeli Ambassador: UN ‘Would Vote to Declare That the Earth is Flat, if the Palestinians Proposed it’

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