2 thoughts on “Snatched Away From The Lie – Part 3 – Power Point Presentation

  1. Somehow part of what I wrote in the Middle of my Comment was cut off. I realized why the Water in the oceans are always level just like the Horizon Never Drops down , Hence you can see way farther that you should be able to if there was a curvature of the Earth. And Many More Obvious things we were taught about a Spinning Globe racing through Space Around the Sun are False, but the one thing I am awaiting an Answer for is that one final thing I wrote in the Comment Above: The Large Heavenly Bodies such as Comets, Asteroids, and ” Planet X” that is what I am Looking for in part 4… Just wanted to clarify that because with a large part above missing from my Comment above it wasn’t clear of what I was Questioning . God Bless You Sister

  2. Father ( YAHWEH ) Bless you Sister Hummingbird. I Love this Mission
    that God has Sent you on as Many, Many of Us Brethren Have All all of a Sudden been thrown down this Rabbit Hole in Search of this Very Special Truth of Creation of Heaven and Earth. Until Recently ( Pretty much the Same Time as You) I never gave it a thought that a Spinning Globe wasn’t the Truth, but after trying to Prove that it is, I like so many other Brethren Re-Read Genesis and looked at Nasa’s only Picture from Space. One Picture in over 40 Years??!! Oh Yeah Why is the Ocean Always Level?! How does that fit a Sphere?What About Large Heavenly Objects and their Orbits Like Comets and Asteroids,and Also “Planet X”? I am Waiting for a Reply from our Father or Him Somehow Showing Me. Hopefully you will Have that Answer in Part 4. God Bless you Sister.Much Brotherly Love to You. Can’t Wait for Part 4 and Can’t Wait to Meet You in the Clouds Along with Our Lord Yeshua ! Maranatha Amen

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