7 thoughts on “Snatched Away From The Lie – Part 1 – The Firmament

  1. Paul Carter says:

    Good stuff so far. The lake Michigan superior mirage is interesting. It may be further in your report but broke off to get this for you:-

  2. So ready for this journey, HB, I’ve believed for a long time, now, that everything we’ve been told, has been a lie. When I first happened upon this, from a group of furious non Believers, the Holy Spirit quickened my spirit to pay attention, and then I knew what was coming when you first started approaching this subject of what I guessed, would be the flat earth. Not everyone is ready for the truth, because they are quite comfortable with the lies, and they aren’t able to think outside the box, that we’ve been trapped in by the powers of evil in this present age, but the time has come for many of us, that we want to know the whole truth. May Abba Father bless you and keep you in His tender care ❤

  3. mikehwt says:

    Hi- Do you think it possible that some other people found the dome info you discuss in this video and it gave rise to the CBS TV show “Under the Dome”? This is a good video, thanks- Mike H

  4. Pam Eller says:

    yes satans rising and we go threw tribulation its different from the wrafh when its finished JESUS comes in the clouds and his angels gather his people then he pours out his wrafh theirs not 2 times he comes like you keep laughing bout and I want be left behind im borned again and I have the holy spirit and the lord shows me stuff he sure don’t talk like you say hes a spirit and you don’t know what he thinks at frist I thought you were ok but now youre out there

  5. doris faber says:

    Thank you Sister. Amazing job. Do not give up. God bless you.

    “Welcome to Hummingbird027’s page. Come visit me @ http://www.youtube.com/hummingbird027 for Hummingbird027’s Updates

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