Bible Finances 101

Recently, I have begun to look at God’s way of doing business in an in depth study. God’s Word is sure and true. When we OBEY the Lord in His ways – we prosper, but when we do not even consider the Lord, we become entangled with the world and suffer because of it.

Many people tell me that God’s laws a done away with, or that they were nailed to the cross, but I am a witness to just what it means to be a follower of Christ and obey the laws of God to the best of my comprehension or understanding. God’s laws work. When we choose to obey God’s laws, we set ourselves into alignment with how God ordered the universe. We, in essence, are not rowing upstream anymore, but following the wisdom that is in God.

“When they started to manage money God’s way, God would bless them for their obedience via “mini miracles” of provision and unique wisdom. Obedience always brings blessing [Deut 28:1-14],”

I pray this site will help any of you who are looking for financial help or need to learn a little something more about God way of doing business.

God bless you all:) – pt 1