22 thoughts on “Who Teaches the Wife (Bride) of the Lamb?

  1. tdhg says:

    Please watch this video on how we are being manipulated by corporations with their logos. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts. I hope the spirit moves you to read your comments. It seems to be the only way I can figure out how to contact you.


    • Thank you for sending the video. My time is very limited as I run my own business, I am a wife, mother, and make time to spend with God every day. The best way to reach me is through the Youtube messaging system. Just go to youtube inbox or find the messaging button on my channel page and send hummingbird027 a message. I have to tell you though, to please practice the fruit of patience with me b/c I TRY to get back to ppl’s messages within one weeks time, but sometimes, like now in the summer where I work from 6am to 7pm at night. That leaves me little room for answering emails and doing everything else that I must do. I will be watching this video later on today. THanks:) God bless you, Christine.

      • tdhg says:

        Thank you and God bless you for all you do. You teach and help so much. I hesitated to contact you cause I have been there done that. I so value your thoughts and knowledge and pray for you and your family each day.

  2. Leo Stein says:


    Please review the video teaching above. I would like a mature scriptual response from you and your listeners. I beleive the “current translation” of the daniel covenant is rooted in dispensationalism and is in error.
    The link above to 119 Ministries teaching on this subject is 35 minutes long. Thank you for taking the time to address this for me.

    Leo Stein

  3. Mel O says:

    Hi Hummingbird027, I couldn’t find where to private message you!? I just wanted to let you know there was a story on Yahoo Mail News here in Australia, stating that during an Talisman Sabre joint military exercise, US planes dropped unarmed bombs into our Barrier Reef!! I wonder why!?? Insert conjecture here!!

    • I’ve tried everyday I know how to try to find your teaching on “Who Teaches the Bride”, but to no avail. Can Someone post how to do it? I’m sure i am not the only one who wants to hear the teaching. H/B I look forward to all you postings. I only wonder how you do it all. Beverly.

  4. EL says:

    Love is the greatest…
    Thank you for contribution, dedication, and courage.
    Have you discovered Theomatics?

  5. ny says:

    also want to add thank u for that study that is an awesome way to get thru to ur readers thank u God bless

  6. ny says:

    amen to the wedding what a wonderful bridegroom to have thank u Jesus!! Thank u HB and u all are my church family also.. God bless everyone and prayers to u all Luvs back:) Please be in agreement and pray for Israel and the whole world to open there ears to hear and get saved and baptized and pray for unsaved loved ones in Jesus name amen. im looking up and praying we are accounted worthy to escape amen. And who is the man child in rev 12:5 is it Jesus or the 144,000 or what please help thank u God bless

  7. Ronald Alborn says:

    Hello Hummingbird 027… I love your youtube video’s. I became a bornagain Christian at the word of life camp in upstate NY many many years ago. I feel as you do that we are getting soooo close to the rapture. I spent 12 yrs in the USAF and love what our country used to be…There is something that I noticed on youtube today that really got me. I heard that the president asked Russia for 15000 troops to help DHS with a upcoming emergency in the DC area. I think This happened around the 27th of June. I was wondering if you have seen the same thing. All the rounds of NATO ammo and now foreign troops. This doesn’t look good at all…. Thanks for all that you do for the Lord…Love ya sister Ron

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  8. lizamcw says:

    Loved this one! The wedding of the bride is very exciting and intriguing. Jesus put a lot of thought and effort into it. It must be very special to him, and he must love us lots. The wedding garments, the attendants, the feast are so well planned. It is to be a banquet, not just a meal. Wonder what will be served? I plan to come off the old diet and dig in– hope I still fit into the “wedding dress.” 🙂

  9. Raquel Sell says:

    I would like to request your teachings on paper. I write them down as much as I can and sent to a Prison to the Chaplins office. There is a group of men that look forward to all your studies. I did not know how to communicate with you til now. they do not have access to computer.

    • Hello there, I put up all these teachings for free so you can download them, print them, and distribute them however the Lord directs you. If you click on the blue link it should open up into Microsoft Office and you can print it out from there. If for some reason you cannot do this let me know and we can work something out. I was just reading the scripture last night about Mat 25:36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

      That is a lot of work to write out these studies. I’m grateful that you can use this material to get God’s Word out. Thank you:)

      God bless you,

  10. Nancy says:

    Getting ready to read your paper but first I want to add my thoughts to your studies. I am referring to your utube video where you state the only connection you have to a “Church” family are the ones who post on utube and watch your videos. Oh Christine how that comment blessed me as I like you have no other “Church” family, that’s out of choice too. I was raised in a strong Pentecostal family and went to . Church every Sunday morn, eve Wed eve and youth group on Friday night’s. I slipped away for many years but here I am with you,Paul and Terry. Much love,nancy I want to tell you more about me as I feel I know so much about you, later though. May God richly bless and keep you and yours.

    • terry says:

      Nancy, I also have no physical church I attend. I listen to bible doctrine on line, then congregate with fellow belivers on pastor Paul Begley’s site, watch Hummingbirds video’s and read the bible on my own. The truth is that Im scared to attend a church due to possible false teaching. I am still learning and hear so many different messages. Even with the messages I hear in these ways; I still use discernment and bring what I dont understand to God.

  11. terry says:

    THANK YOU!! I have been praying, searching scripture and listening to bible doctrine on line feverishly for some time now, in order to find the truth!! I opened my online doctrine site tonight and the Holy Spirit said “stop, check your e-mail”. I did and you had sent me this!! I have been trying to get ready for our Lord and Savior and have been so worked up as I dont want to be preparing incorrectly. Thank you, and may God bless you with each passing day. 🙂

    • This was a good post. I’m not trying to be conceited but the Holy Spirit really moved through me on Saturday, then on Monday before I left for my mother-in-laws for dinner, the HS told me to write this down and post it. Glad it helped you b/c it sure did help me a lot too.

      I have been seeking the Lord recently even more fervently than I had before.

      God bless you, Luvs CHristine

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      • daile tarry says:

        Thank you I liked this. Would you please comment on how you think a born again Christian should respond to body organ donation. Yeshua willing I will be part of the bride of Christ – but Yeshua forbid, if I am killed in an accident – can I register my body organs for donation – or should my body stay in tact. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

      • I honestly have no idea about this one. You will have to go in prayer to God and seek this answer from the Almighty. Let me know what He says to you:)

        God bless you,

      • Dear Christine, on your last blog I discerned the pain that you feel regarding your husband not yet knowing the love of Christ. I have prayed for your husband and also that you may have peace.
        In Christ’s name

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