7 thoughts on “Anger a Symptom of Pride

  1. Steve Angell says:

    Recently I have been working with possession. We know so little about it other than movies. I have found that it is actually the norm. That every one is possessed. For most they keep the possessing demons at bay. We say the devil made me do it and ofttimes that is actually sort of true. We allowed a possessing demon to act for us. To take over.

    We let them take over enough and eventually they own us. Then they become a major problem in our lives. We are not taught about this or how to pray them out of our lives. In the name of the only begotten.

    The point being Pride is a huge door for possession.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Christine, I sure hope you and yours are out of harms way with the fire and all. We battle it too here in albuquerque, the smoke is what I get no real fire yet anyway. I’m going to be in Colorado Springs this coming week for the Music Evangelism Foundation Conference so hope we don’t get cancelled. Take care, Nancy

    • All the fires seem to be in a manageable state currently. I hope and pray you have a wonderful time:)

      God bless you and your family Safe journey Christine

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      • Beverly Ann Foster says:

        Your page gives me clear hope that i haven’t missed the rapture and i can trust your efforts. Hope your time away with your family was all you wished. thank you for all your efforts and God bless you. Ann in Houston Tx.

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks, you do such a great job! I watch you every day. God bless!

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