Many Teachers, but no Truth

MANY Teachers But No Truth

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Anyone can post and re-post. I just ask people not to tamper with the videos but to leave as is. Blessings in Christ.
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One thought on “Many Teachers, but no Truth

  1. Mike callies says:

    Just watched your latest and the comment about pre trib rapture. First off your awesome but i agree with a guy named sanderson that the rapture will be at the end of the trib . You stated that anyone who believes this is in trouble with Christ ??? How can you say that ??? Just because someone is right or wrong about the return of christ or the rapture has no bering whatsoever on their faith in God or their salvation . Do you actually think God is going to give you a check mark for this ??? Absolutely nott . Follow the 10 commandments and do your best even though you may trip and god still loves you . Start praying to mary and accepting homosexuality then your in trouble . Even sanderson whom I agree with on the trib has other points I do not agree with and thats fine …..In no way shape or form are we in trouble with god on these petty issues . If you end up in Obamas fema camp then you know you have missed the rapture and you have 7 years to go …either that or America will be attacked by design with nukes while Obama holds ours back …………peace and love and I think your excellent , keep up the good work 🙂

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