Your settings could not be saved: Invalid request, authentication expired – SOLVED

This video doesn’t exist

Invalid Request, authentication expired SOLVED

All that is needed/forced upon you is to use Google or Internet Explorer browser.

No other browser is currently accepted by YouTube to edit your video’s as of 5-24-13 – maybe Firefox will get something together quickly. I like my Privacy Google. – Broken Thumbs Games – Major thanks to this guy. – Michaelforthriller – reapfire

5 thoughts on “Your settings could not be saved: Invalid request, authentication expired – SOLVED

  1. Kay Williams says:

    I pray you are able to upload your videos. I watch them daily as they are more imformative than the national news. I hope your were just away 6/5/13 and not having internet problems. Blessings on you for keeping the bride informed. I agree with you on the issues the church is having. Full of tares and most of the church has no clue. Come out of the world and be yea separate.

  2. David says:

    these people reposted your video, someone posted about turning off something in Firefox to make it work.

    Oppositional Defiant 20 hours ago

    JUST temporarily disable download helper extension for firefox. This video, like all the other youtube videos dealing with this problem, are pushing you to get google’s stupid browser or even worse, IE, which you don’t need to do.

  3. Liz says:

    Sorry you are going thru so much trouble on getting the news broadcast out. I about panicked when you missed 2 days. I so look forward to them. Don’t worry. Keep up the fight. I’ve got you in my prayers for protection.

  4. Roxanne KR says:

    I stopped using Google search engine a couple of months ago when I did a search for ‘Jesus C ‘ and got Jesus Culture instead of Jesus Christ.

  5. Good to hear your back on again…We also had Fire Fox about a year ago..We had problems and had to go with Google ..Chrome ..We keep praying as these are difficult days..Maranatha..

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