Man-Child, Satan’s Final Fall, and the Inbound Binary Star System – google blacked out Nibiru by Spica – overcomeers raptured – Antichrist breakdown – Emergence of the 1st beast – gill broussard
will we judge angels after the bema judgment seat – Turrialba Volcano,_Lebanon – pole shift info past, present, future Rev 12 – Illuminati – The Allseeing Eye ( Satan ) HD NEW – Imam Mahdi in Turkey – Day of the LORD – Dr. Renald Showers

34 thoughts on “Man-Child, Satan’s Final Fall, and the Inbound Binary Star System

  1. hiddenmanna2017 says:

    Rev. 12 sign seen in heavens 2017

  2. ny says:

    and also been trying to explain the dead r in the ground waiting on the rapture that the dead r nowhere yet that they r waiting on Jesus pray for that also and my unsaved sons thank u and will pray for u and urs thank u fellow soldier for Christ amen

  3. ny says:

    i try to explain this to my mom but i dont think she beleives me well she aint calling me a liar she calling God a liar pray for her please thank u

  4. ny says:

    lol amen thank u Jesus. so is these giants on planet nibiru well the Bible says it will be like the days of noah thats interesting wonderful how the Lord words to open our eyes now the big task is trying to explain this to the Bible study Group and get them to understand pray for me Amen luvs and thank u For all u do God Bless. I think some of them think im nuts lol Help us Lord to open the eyes of ur ppl amen

  5. ny says:

    sorry listened to it again i misunderstood you sorry about that whew i was worried for a minute sorry sis in Christ forgive me i am thankful for all the work and studying u do i need to clean out my ears lol sorry again luvs God bless

  6. ny says:

    HB we do 2 have to be baptized i love u but that is scary that u say we dont have to be baptized but we do to to enter the kingdom of heaven JOHN 3:1-5 mark 16:16 matt 28:18-20 just because the thief hanging beside him didnt dont mean anything he was hanging by Jesus so Jesusl et him go to paradise Jesus knew he couldnt get baptized cause it was to late.. think about it even Jesus was baptized Learn the truth amen love ya God bless

  7. ny says:

    also wheres ur video on nibiru thank u

  8. ny says:

    thank u very much for the info on nibiru the ppl i teach was wondering about it and where to find it thanks for all the studying u do and info u give God bless u and urs luvs back 🙂

  9. Steve Angell says:

    This was an answer to prayer for me. I love you like no other. You have given me so much light in this and your other videos.

    We are two of a kind in so many ways. We both put James to the test. We prayed to God and guess what he gave us visions. Not to be flip. I have no doubt it came as difficulty for you as it did for me. My wife does support me fully. I love talking to her of my visions. I consider her part of me believing one day we will truly be one.

    My visions are so much in line with yours, though I do not have the mind to research as you have the Bible, I do research more from a political/scientific standpoint.

    It does seem though that on the Rapture we feel a bit differently though perhaps not. I too have had a vision of floods in America that will destroy many of the low lying areas, though I believe this to be a temporary. Along with this I see as scripture says the returning of the continents into one. However I see this as a two step process. Step one Northern Africa is split off from the rest of Aftrica (the Nile runs dry) and Western Asia split from the rest of Asia. both condense into more compact continents (will take about a year). All the Isles of the seas condensing with the Americas, Australia, Africa and even Antarctica. Step two Christ comes and condenses the two into one.

    Prior to step two Christ announces he caused the split and he is going to begin his reign on earth shortly. Christ tells the Islamist and sodomites they only have a set period of time to repent. If they do not repent he will destroy them. Now if the Islamist move to Eurasia they will be be safe for seven years. Thus have seven years to repent. Not that Christ will tell them they have seven years.

    Then the rapture. But the rapture will move the evil people out of Amerion(?) (the larger continent though it will still be coming together) possibly to Eurasia (the other Continent) but quite possibly they will just drop dead (I have evil children difficult to see them just killed). The good people in Eurasia raptured to America.

    Then Christ begins preparation for his reign on earth he will have his prophet on earth then preaching to the good people (the ruler you spoke of). The Anti Christ will have his portion of the world. The earth will move as necessary to bring about the tribulation (as a drunkard). But Christ will keep his people safe.

    Part of the problem with the scriptures is YHWH teaches us the 6,000 year plan. He does this on purpose because if he taught us his entire plan most would all just put off the day of their repentance,. thus we would not really have free agency. Free agency is his greatest gift to us as we can only learn to be as he is through faith. Impossible without free agency. We can learn to be one with the Father when he is on earth.

  10. CanadianBlair says:

    I just finished the last vid, it was so amazing I’m going to be re watching/ re reading a lot of this.

    I mainly wanted to ask where your study in zephaniah in reference to Isaiah 17& psalms 83. You made mention of it in this vid and I’m unable to find it anywhere on you site or YouTube channel, if you could post a link I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks for all you hard work, it does not go unnoticed!


  11. Wade Venden says:

    Thank you for the “follow” on my blog, I’m honored. I’ve benefitted now for a long time from your Youtube videos – I never knew you had a blog until now. “Follow” returned! Take care, and May God bless you abundantly!!

    • LOL – that’s super funny. I was doing some research again on the Killshot, trying to nail down some aspects of the Carrington Event and came across your page. I loved you post about the Killshot. After dwelling on your site last night as I was going to bed, I realized the 8 year old boys dreams you included were startling similar to what I’ve been studying about Rev. 9. The things that occurred to me was I just saw a picture from the movie “Splice” and the creature also had a tail like a scorpion. It’s a far out deduction but I thought it worth mentioning.

      I didn’t have a chance to view the rest of your site last night, but I will be back this weekend to look at more. Awesome job:)

      God bless you

  12. Liz says:

    I love your long videos. So much good info. Thank you for all your hard work.

  13. Lorie says:

    Have you seen “the most logical rapture theory on youtube, period” by eternalrhythmflow? He talks about the sign of virgo in Rev. 12 and he found the exact sign describes in Rev. 12 in 2017. I want you to be aware of it if you have not yet seen it. It’s quite amazing. God bless you.

  14. Lukabtha says:

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  15. Gab says:

    Endtimes are now here. Pope Benedict has been kidnapped for announcing that Christ has been returned. World wide media blackout:

  16. Patty Denney says:

    I’m so grateful that God led me to your site, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you Hummingbird.. Keep fighting the good fight.. Your friend in Christ, Patty

  17. Tom says:

    This blog is really educational.

  18. Jason says:

    Hello Hummingbird 027, Thanks for your posts, very extensive research and good to hear the perspectives. I have another youtube subscription with another guy who has been looking at Earth events as well…thought you might want to check out his latest…it is a very effective way to predict earthquakes…anyway, check it out if you have the time.


  19. Israel says:

    Hi Hummingbird027, Just wanted to thank you. Im alway s rushings home from work to see your videos. U have defineitly brought me closer to God. 🙂 now on one of your newer videos , u mention Rev. 12. I came across on youtube a while back. its called “the most logucal rapture theory ever” by eternalrhytumflow. let me know what u think. Again THANKS for every single second u spend on helping us get the news and for your spritual insight.. I dont recall how i found your channel, but i am so glad i did. God bless u…

  20. Frank says:

    I love these videos they make me think. I remember you talkin about Satan and his angels were casted to 2nd heaven. Which is space and the sky. Have you ever heard of mothman? Apparently it some times appears around virginia. If you google it the picture is man shape with wings. If it is seened bad stuff happens. Could this be a fallen angel?

  21. Ruthie Maiden says:

    Thank you for this excellent work! Say regarding photosynthesis, and the example you gave (30 min. Mark, part one) about a woman who while walking across the street and almost struck by car, her cells reacted back in the lab: I was reminded on how John the Baptist (in the womb of Elizabeth) leaped when Mary walked in the room (see Luke 1:41), why? Because He knew God (in the flesh/Jesus, in the womb of Mar) just walked into his presence! That is how I often react when I am in the presence of others who also are in dwelt with the Holy Spirit! I praise our Lord for your ministry, Hummingbird027; I look forward to meeting you in the clouds, soon!

  22. Joy McKelvin (aka) jimmymac2505 says:

    I have so enjoyed your video’s and especially this one! The time you spent to research such TRUTH is remarkable. This was indeed an amazing piece, and I thank you for sharing. Your work is such a wonderful, growing in the Lord, experience. I love Jesus so very much and it’s amazing to hear more and more of his astounding love for me (us) through this incredible journey to the end of a new beginning! All Glory, honour and Praise to Jesus Christ, The Lover of My Soul!!!!

  23. Georgie Madison says:

    This is absolutely astounding! I am very grateful for all the work that clearly went into this. I praise our Lord for calling you out to serve Him in the manner that you do. (Note: Although I am a little ashamed for what I am about to ask – especially after viewing probably the best work I’v read/viewed yet on these last days – I humbly ask that in the future you left-align your texts, as centering should be reserved for headlines and/or poetry. Please don’t be offended by this request: I worry some may dismiss this important piece over a distracting formatting error.) Again, thank you, h-bird027, for this amazing piece, and for all your daily updates. All praise, glory, and honor to our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

  24. faithmarie says:

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH .. The Lord bless you … this was excellent …… in the last days knowledge will increase … more that I could ever imagine…. might not retain everything but we know The Holy Spirit will bring all to remembrance … looking forward to all you post! Love in Christ Jesus ..Faith and Alex Ahmed

  25. Amazing work! I am just getting started! On Shabbat I saw Pastor Mike Hoggard teach at the Red River Bible Conference teach regarding the dna portion that you thought people might have trouble with. I loved and understood what he said so when you were teaching, I heard it as a confirmation! : ) Thank you for your faith-filled work. Have you seen this?

    or this?


    Laureen: )

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