13 thoughts on “Successful Fasting and Prayer

  1. Pinks says:

    Hummingbird, I have followed you for over a year now. I do not tell you enough how much I appreciate your dedication. I know you receive much hate mail and comments, and I hope to be more diligent about sending you blessing and praise. I appreciate the sound of your voice. I know we get tongue-tied sometimes, and I’m sorry people criticize your work so much. I also know people complain about the length. I appreciate the length, because I and found folding laundry or doing other daily chores to the sound of your news cast. I share many articles that you have lead me to, so I’m thankful. I’m so very thankful most of all for your obedient stance with Yeshua and Torah. Anyways, I wanted to be a blessing and bring words of life. Thank you again for all that you do for us. Thank you for maintaining strong boundaries and strict educational presentation. Thank you for being you. Love and blessings, and I continue to pray for you and your family.

  2. Johanna says:

    Hummingbird – I tried to email you and there seems to be no way of contacting you. So I am posting the email I would like to send to you regarding the issue of U2heavenbound HERE, hoping that you will get it somehow. Thank you, Johanna
    Hummingbird – I have been in communication with U2heavenbound about the copying of things from your website and she says all that she has “stolen is the phrase Endtime – see quote from her comment: “One might do their own search wherein they will find that the phrase “End time” or “End times” are very common and not used for any personal notoriety, but rather to detail a point in time… Look also to the number of views between these two channels… Common sense dictates that this is nonsense.”

    She also goes by the name of TheTrueRae. You can see the communication between us here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VPIVV-8VLM&feature=em-comment_reply_received&lc=x7ClvOTmtIgtTYlk7CBTla6jUn8n43stVlJ8zCTz7rs&lcor=1&lch=email_reply

    People on here YouTube page commented that they have tried to be in touch with you or write to you but that you won’t accept comments on your pages. I also feel a little blocked out by you in preventing people to make comments. People should be able to commnicate with you, especially when you put out videos about some transgression. Things need to be worked out without just one person or another making public statement.

    Anyway, I hope you get this email. Bottom line is that U2heavenbound seems to be saying she has not taken any of your news items but only the phrase Endtime.

    While I have your attention, I would also like to thank you for your wonderful newscasts. You turned me on the Gill Broussard’s videos. His video “Yeshua Sacrifice” is absolutely beautiful and led me to the realization that the Ark of the Covenant was found in 2008 by Ron Wyatt, a biblical archeologist. I don’t know where I have been that I should have missed such news as this. But it has really impacted me a lot to know that the Ark is FOUND. I am amazed that there is not more being made about this. But I am sure the plans for the Third Temple in Israel are definitely in full swing.

  3. moonkat1977 says:


    I enjoy all you’re work and get a lot of great information from them. I just watched our current youtube video and wanted to let you know that I am glad your videos are longer than most people. I listen to them while I work and LOVE them. Thanks again for your hard work and time that you give to the Kingdom of God.

    In His Service,

  4. Roy M Cooper says:

    Have you seen this Hummer? I didnt know where else to post this to get it to you.


    • I’ve seen this website before, although, I have to admit I do not believe Obama is the Anti-Christ. Lots of ppl sure do like to think of him as being the AC but the fact is I stick to what the Bible tells me in 2 Thes. 2:3-12. We cannot know who the AC is until after the harpazo/rapture of the bride.

      Thanks for sharing though:)

      God bless you

  5. paappleyard says:

    Hi, I’m having problems with youtube not letting me comment or like on videos unless I give them my mobile (cell) number. I’m not happy to give them this information. They also keep registering me with Google+ which I don’t want to join.

    I know this is a big ask but is it possible to link to your videos on this site or to upload to dailymotion.

    I am becoming less happy with youtube all the time.

    p.s Keep up the good work.

    • Unfortunately, I cannot do that. I’m extremely busy during my days and I have only so much time to spend on getting the news out to one channel. What you could do is use download helper for your computer. This will help you download my vids so you can watch them in any format. It takes almost 2 hours just to upload my video to youtube not to mention finding the news and then doing the news. Then I have to go to work, come home make dinner etc…. It’s just not feasible. I don’t have any help on my end and those who have tried to help me in the past abandoned me so I’m stuck with what little I can do.

      God bless

  6. Jan Loots says:

    Hi – thanks it is great.
    I have a Revelations chard that very, very interesting I want you to look at, how can I post it to you, my Son got it off the internet some time in 1996 +-, With time lines and scriptures included. God Bless – Jan Loots

  7. Jan Loots says:

    Hi, I was looking for a Fasting way for some time, thanks a lot for this info. After 5 doves webside I alwas can not wait for yours to come on.
    I would have liked to copy your backgroud, I think it is great. Keep on with you work for God I stand behind you and will pray for you. God Bless. – Jan Loots

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