16 thoughts on “Christianity and the 2nd Amendment

  1. Saved4NewLife says:

    I just want to say I love listening to Hummingbird027. I can’t wait to log on and hear what she has to say. Thank God for people like her that reach so many people in this way. I refer as many people as I can to listen to her on YouTube. We are all truly blessed to have someone like her working so hard for Christ. God bless you always. I’m sure The Lord smiles on your works and has great plans for you when you get home. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Take care!

  2. GJ says:

    Also the mark of the beast will be a combimation of the chip and pledging allegiance to allah and his prophet the mahdi. Those who refuse to receive the mark of Islam or the mark of the beast, same thing, will be beheaded

  3. GJ says:

    Random fact, Agenda 21 and Sharia Law is the same thing. The west would never adopt sharia law so the name was changed to Agenda 21. Arabs would never accept Agenda 21, a creation from the west, so Sharia is the guding principle. They are both the same thing used to appeal to two separate audience. Why do you think there is the islamic infiltration in our government as well as the EU. Deception of Satan. Trust no one but Jesus Christ

  4. Carl says:

    I would like to respond to your comments regarding the 10 virgins in your Jan. 16/13 video. You say that the 10 virgins are all Christian. I disagree. If the virgins are all Christians, then why do you think Christ says to the 5 virgins that are left behind,
    “11 Afterward came also the other virgins (the foolish), saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.
    12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.” (Matthew 25 KJB)
    He said “I know you not”.

  5. GJ says:

    Hey Bird,
    Alex Jones is a criminal. Why? Although he has not openly stated that americans should go against the government in a Civil War, he implies it by making constant references to 1776. 1776 had to deal with a unified America against a foreign threat. AJ use of 1776 only points to the American system where Americans take on Americans, hence Civil War. He is trying to excite a revolution! A Civil War!!! This is what the Global Criminal minds want! If America is plunged into a Civil War. The President will have no choice but to declare a National Emergency. This will cause him to utilize executive orders to put an end to the uprising which would divide America into tribal states and this would also force the President to be a war time President, therefore SUSPENDING THE CONSTITUTION!!! Alex Jones is leading Americans into a TRAP by the global criminal minds! This will also cause the president to seek additional support from the UN security counsel in which he CHAIRS to bring in foreign troops on American soil, permanently!!! If the america people want to make their voices heard, they need to bombard their senators with so many letters of complaint, that their senators will be force to publicly voice the peoples concerns and seek out ways to genuinely and honestly calm them. AJ is the wrong example of how we should approach this, unless he himself is part of the global criminal minds. Just think about it, how can someone who spent a great number of years trying to expose these so called secret societies never face major push backs? Instead of being silenced like many in the past who spoke in the same nature as him, his business continues to grow and grow!!! Dont trust anyone but Jesus Christ.

    • I’ve said it numerous times before and I’ll say it again – I FOLLOW NO MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD – I follow Christ exclusively. If you even bothered to watch the video I put out of the news cast the next day you will clearly see that I did NOT make the New American Civil War because of Alex Jones – the Holy Spirit directed me to make the video b/c of all the sychronistic news events I kept seeing in my daily news cast. PLEASE stop jumping to conclusions about me.

      Stop being so judgmental of others b/c this is how Christ will judge you. Do you not know anything about brotherly love? Alex, for whatever his purpose that God is giving him, is his own. That is between him and God not you or me to decide or judge. Be careful what you say about others. This is the LAST time I will post anything like this on this channel b/c we are commanded by God to LIFT EACH OTHER UP NOT TEAR EACH OTHER DOWN. The devil doesn’t need help from anyone b/c he’s all ready doing a good job of this.

      • GJ says:

        This is not an accusation against you in anyway! I made the reference to trust no one but Christ in a general since, not targeting anyone specifically. But you have to ask this question, how did he manage to sneak in to the bohemian grove, how is it that a Senator like Ron Paul be permitted to speak out against 911 and other things, yet never facing any major push back from the global criminal minds, why was he permitted to campaign in this matter for so long without a single thing happen to him while many more would have loooong sinced been silenced, and how does AJ find it so easy to keep in such communications with such a dignitary without the media ever raising the alarm on their relationship. Think about. How can Jesse Ventura be permitted to have his conspiracy shows speaking about a variety of controversial stuff and never get blasted for it but a show like Jericho get cancelled. I state my point about AJ not to target you but to share something that came to mind, how difficult its becoming to understand truth from fiction in this world. this is why I made the reference to trust no one but Christ, like a conclusion to the matter

  6. Carl Hagen says:

    With regards to salvation, and if I understand you correctly, mixing works/performance with faith in order to obtain or keep salvation is erroneous. Ephesians 2:8-9 states that salvation is strictly by grace through faith only. Works is a product of genuine faith in Christ, not the source of it. Salvation is neither of ourselves nor by works. I also think it’s erroneous to believe that only certain true Christians will be raptured. Whoever is blood bought through Christ is going in the rapture. This is not written as any type of ‘hate’ message. It’s simply to warn against mixing faith with works/performance for salvation. I enjoy listening to/reading your news updates. Thank you.

  7. You banned me from your channel, and I’m not sure why. I’m one of your biggest supporters. Remember? Download helper, cutting in line to the guillotines?

    • You know I have no idea why I would have blocked you. I’ve been having ppl come to my channel that have similar names but are trying to get me to approve link to porn sites. I apologize if you may have gotten caught up in this some how. I hate to admit it but I block lots of ppl every day and sometimes I just get caught up in the content of the message and if it seems like the comments are getting to belligerent I remove them.

      If you give me your youtube name again I reinstate it again.

      Again I apologize.

      I’ve been considering stopping all comments lately cause I’m just getting very weary of all the hatred out there.

      • I understand. I think the post that got me blocked was my response to someone that was being hostile towards you.
        It’s rainagain777@gmail.com
        thanks, bird, I miss the updates.

      • Carl Hagen says:

        Hi Hummingbird027,
        If you have an email address, could you post it somewhere on your YouTube Channel? Thanks.

      • Nope:) I have a message system you can use on youtube right by my name on my front page. Thanks:)

      • john daman says:

        I listen daily…proud parent of 10 children from my wife of 47 years…and of course the gift of life from our LORD and master, the trinity…the father the son and the holy spirit…no message on friday? You are changing the studio ? When will you be up again…this 73 year young christian will miss your dialogue…hate is something that no one can escape from…and as phrophesized hate will get worse as time from this date (3-15-2013) until the end of time. WE as. Valid followers of Christ and the teaching from him through his father our Lord and Savior…who have spoke of trials and tribulations all the faithful will endure…but none of us will escape alive…Ii hope you get this message and that you continue to speak the word in spite of adversity. Thank you, John Daman

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