Is this the beginning of the last piece (Jordan) to the Psalms 83 puzzle?

Jordon to join Ps. 83 Confederation

With all that has been taking place in the Middle East these days, those who study Bible Prophecy daily will enjoy this article. We are definitely witnessing and increase in timing of prophecies coming to light. One after another and day after day we are approaching the Harpazo and the 70th week of Daniel. Look up, Folks!

3 thoughts on “Is this the beginning of the last piece (Jordan) to the Psalms 83 puzzle?

  1. mike says:

    I herd your latest YouTube.2-20-13. Thanks…..

    Let’s keep loving Jesus our God and saviour. And may Gods peace and spirit fill you to overflowing.

  2. Brad says:

    Could you give some insight into what was said in Obama’s invocation speech by Ms. Evers. Particularly the parts about being under the capitols “golden dome” and the part about calling on the spirit of our ancestors as we seek the spirit of old. It bothers me how those words were used. Doesn’t the bible say calling on spirits is sorcery, and isn’t the spirit of old a reference to satan or am I wrong on this.

  3. murphymonkey says:

    To get up to speed on HAARP very quickly watch this explanation begin at the 12:25 marker PITN with Gary Stearman, LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw. Go to the prophecyinthenews dot com website regarding TV Program: Watchers 5
    December 26th 2012

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