Is this the beginning of the last piece (Jordan) to the Psalms 83 puzzle?

Jordon to join Ps. 83 Confederation

With all that has been taking place in the Middle East these days, those who study Bible Prophecy daily will enjoy this article. We are definitely witnessing and increase in timing of prophecies coming to light. One after another and day after day we are approaching the Harpazo and the 70th week of Daniel. Look up, Folks!

The Reasons I Believe in the Rapture

The_Reasons_I_Believe_in_the_Rapture – pdf file

pdf version now available in above link

The Reasons I Believe in the Rapture

docx. version in above link

Just placing my research paper on my site so that anyone can come here to view instead of having to send email to me. I realize that there are minor errors all throughout this research paper. As time allows (not much of that these days) I will correct them all, but at present there is too much to do with current Biblical Prophecies coming to light daily. Please forgive the errors.

This paper is over a year old and I have also not yet updated it with new information such as Zephaniah 2:3, which the whole book of Zephaniah is a last call warning to the Gentiles before the Day of the Lord starts. Again, as time permits I will update this research paper.

Prophetic Timeline from a Pretribulational Harpazo Viewpoint

Prophetic Timeline from a Pretribulational Harpazo Viewpoint

Even though the Rapture/Harpazo is IMMINENT – from my studies of scripture of Zephaniah and Zech. 9 – I believe that Ps. 83 and Isa. 17 should occur first BEFORE the harpazo happens. Zephaniah truly reveals this in Zeph. 2:3 – that the judgment against the Ps. 83 confederacy would encourage many to come to Christ to be “hid” before the Day of the Lord.