11 thoughts on “Why Are We So Offended All the Time?

  1. Paul says:

    I hope u get this message, you miss hummingbird are so cool, thank u!!!! Remember teachers get judged hard(er)
    Love U

  2. raoena says:

    hummingbird on youtube there is a video ‘theoriginalfatdonkey’
    there is a soldier from usaf speaking about the hidden agenda of the ELITE. also bout the cashless future.
    everybody go to theoriginalfatdonkey:youtube

  3. cindy says:

    when will damscus be bombed to the ground ? is it soon what are your views on the timeline of this attack to happen. I thought from your videos it would of happened by now any info?

    • We all revolve around God’s time piece, Israel. Have you seen the new developments in Israel in the news??? I reported on this a few days last week. Israel has moved the Iranian “red line” up by 8-10 months, which means that Syria has more time to play. Syria is a proxy of Iran. The timeline I gave in my video is still the same one I believe will occur, but I cannot know when. This is why God told us to watch all these things. Isaiah 17 will occur prior to the Magog invasion. I’m praying for everyone in these war torn places would have a chance to leave before there is a military intervention in Syria. It’s coming soon, just keep watching.

  4. kevin riley says:

    Very must see movie!!! This is how they took are country down!!! Hummingbird027, Please check out the Movie( AGENDA: Grinding America Down) (Full Movie) on youtube. Father, please forgive us and pour out your spirit in the harts of the fallen leaders of this country to unite us again under your wings To stand up for the bible and regroup are selfs to your will. I pray this in your sons name Jesus are Lord Amen and Amen.

  5. SHERRY MUSIC says:

    PLEASE SISTER,,, I watch your videos all the time did you see the pamphlet they are putting out for young people ? Exclaim Young Peoples Guide Sexual Rights IPPF declaration ….Oh my God… If you read it you wont believe it ! This is very overwhelming ! I pray Jesus comes back soon !

    • I have not heard of this. Thanks for sharing this with me. I will post this in Sunday’s newscast with credit to you. Thanks again. God bless.

      • SHERRY MUSIC says:

        I dont care about the credit, Im so upset over this, Just wanted you to know …this seems like a license for children to have sex, Its encouraging them, My God I knew the world was bad but this is so much more then I could imagine at my age of 51, My children our grown but what about people who have young children? Jesus people are asleep ! I have never been so scared in my life ! I am sorry to burden you sister , God has given you a gift to call out to people… Jesus I pray they listen ! Jesus come soon.. GLORY TO GOD! MARANATHA !!!!

      • I have a 12 year old son and this does bother me too. We’ve had a little bit of the talk about sex and girls. He seems genuinely disinterested right now. I’m sure by high school this will change though. My talk with him was to just not do it or even think about it until he is much older. It will be a step at a time as he gets older. I secretly want the rapture to happen first.

        God bless you sister. I’ll definitely cover this b/c I had not considered this myself so it was good you brought this to my awareness.


        On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 6:09 PM, Welcome to Hummingbird027's page. Come visit me @ http://www.youtube.com/hummingbird027 for End-time News Update

  6. Dani says:

    this has nothing to do with the above article, but didnt know how to get you something i thought you could use for research. if it is in another language right click and translate.

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