The Red Line

This video doesn’t exist – The Red Line

6 thoughts on “The Red Line

  1. xox Bee says:

    Hi, Please Advise if you could. I have been told & shown a lot of what’s 2Happen! Things like the Chinese & some of that bad stuff, No but I am aware. I didn’t want to be in the city But it wasn’t my choice.. My 18yyr relationship walked out on me… NOW, I am living with my 81yr.old mother. She is very hard of hearing, gets depressed & watches, TV constantly & also does not believe all the things that I do, know & say 2Her!! I’ve tried, butshe won’t go back to Church.. My”Entire Family” has strayed from the Church. What should I do? I don’t have the things from thepreparation lists, crosses or holy oil, for all the windows… Mybrother & sister won’t come home 2Help w/mom, Nice !! There are so many chores every day 2Distract. I Go to Mass, Holy Days, Holy Hours…..I Love my Faith &. I Love Jesus & Mary & feel, “Very-Blessed !!” But I guess this Cross(?) has me feelinga bit confused on “What to Do? “It’s every day life here & I feel like I should be doing something.My 3Grandchildren are being Neglected, bt their mom & my mind is on tghe children, a lot. If you want to, you can text me… (260) 580-1979. THANK-YOU SO MUCH, FOR LISTENING ! Havw A Wonderful Day… Bye For Now, Bee

    • Well first off, you have Jesus Christ and prayer which supercede any crucifix or holy oil. Having faith that God will work these things out for you is of the utmost importance. There is really only prayer for your family. Sure you can show them tons of evidence, but until God opens their eyes and changes their heart they will not budge. This is where prayer is BIG TIME effective. I will also pray for you and your family.

      Fasting is another GREAT way for God to see your sorrow about these matters. If you are healthy enough to fast try a 24 hour fast of no food or water and be in constant prayer at this time surrendering all your desires, hopes, and needs to the Lord. A crushed spirit is fragrant to the Lord just look at what happened to the church at Smyrna in Revelation.

      Jesus will not leave you alone in this. Be comforted that you have an advocate on your behalf in heaven:)

      God bless you

  2. Jon Ortiz says:


    Remember to weight anchor and commence the long journey that i hoping to be a short one.

  3. Jon Ortiz says:

    lWhat could be said? “Fantastic Video” Direct , Clear. Understandable and Full of Real Meaning. Congaratulations.

    Gad Blessings

  4. appriciate a place to comment , gets pritty lonely at times , love the freedom yaushua has given us for a time . let us all stand fast in the faith through the risen Christ. Amen Dan

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