1. Ann Kesler Salisbury NC says:

    Dear sister in Christ,
    I just saw a post on You tube from Pastor Paul Begley….He spoke no word. The title HELP He appears to be in a wear house type building and his countenance is somewhat like unto the one he had when the Cross came flying off his wall. I am asking for brothers and sisters to pray to Father God to surround him with an “hedge of protection”.
    Something is WRONG..please help us pray for him. I am dancinann on you tube. annprine@gmail.com and have listed my other email address as well. May God be with you and bless you

  2. yes, prepare as it will be time of Jacobs distress. then great exodus.

    Lev 26:40-46
    Deut 4:29-32
    Deut 30 :1-8
    Jere 3:8 divorce house of Yisrael . Yahudah still married
    Jere 3:12-19 return Yisrael 18 key Yahudah goes to Yisrael
    Jer 16:14,15
    Jere 23:7-8
    Jere 29:14
    Jeremiah 31:8-10,31-
    Ezekiel 11:15-20
    Ezekiel 34:11-16=matt15:24
    Ezekiel 37:21
    Ezekiel 39:25,28,29
    Hosea 2:23=1pet2:10
    Hosea 3:5,5:15,8:10

    many more to if ya seek

  3. Lewmar says:

    Hi it’s me, I am also visiting this web page regularly, this website is really good and the visitors are truly sharing good thoughts.

  4. tim says:

    Hi hummingbird check out the article google search (the muslim brotherhood project) very interesting to say the least…..

  5. anja says:

    i saw the video fron COOP with e.w.jackson what he say is the only truth.
    in europe these days specialy in the netherland there is a decline in family values and everbody, is gonna hate each other.
    the role on FACEBOOK in to the social live is disasstres.
    not to mention msm and other networks.
    according to gerald celente there is a lot coming to us europe and the usa.
    but i lay my hope in to the LORD THE FATHER!
    in my neitherhood ther looking at yout site to HUMMINGBIRD
    have a wonderful day

    • AH yes, the beginning of sorrows. Everyday I read the news I am blown away just how close we are to the end of this age. I’m grateful that many are waking up but it’s been a very slow process and I’m always grateful to hear from those like you who are awake and aware. I’ll be seeing you soon in heaven:)

      God bless you and your family Luvs Christine

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