British & America, Lost 10 Tribes

British and America, Lost 10 Tribes – MS Office 2007


This is just a fraction of the evidence and proof found at this man (Yair Davidiy) site.  PLEASE go to his site and research this evidence further if this has inspired you.

5 thoughts on “British & America, Lost 10 Tribes

  1. tomvictorwilson says:

    on prophecy

  2. tomvictorwilson says:

    I mean to say on the rare part that, I’ve never meant someone out there with your subject coverage.

  3. tomvictorwilson says:

    And I thought I was advanced. You have good biblical synthesis going on, and it is refreshing, but it is also rare. I know that you are a scholar, but are you enrolled in seminary or something because you are doing some work with an emphasis?

    • LOL – I’m totally not a scholar. Don’t even have an Associates Degree:( I wanted one but God had other plans for me. Nope, I’m a self intense studied, Holy Spirit led, and ask God a million questions a week type of girl:) Most of what I put on this site and the youtube channel are things I have learned from God in my quiet time with Him.

      God bless you

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