One thought on “TIME FOR A TEMPLE

  1. Tim Hammond says:

    The contents of the agreement in Daniel 9:27 are found in Revelation 11:1 and 2. In Revelation 11:1 the Jews are given the right to rebuild their temple. In Revelation 11:2 the Gentiles (read Palestinians) are given Jerusalem, but only for 42 months. Why 42? This is one of the biggest keys in bible prophecy. The covenant is for 7 years, or 84 months. It is broken at the midpoint by the antichrist when he goes into the temple and claims to be God and sets up the abomination that causes desolation. What is half of 84? 42! The 42 months in Revelation 11:2 is to the day the first half of the Tribulation (time of Jacob’s trouble). In other words, the day that the Palestinians are given Jerusalem is Day 1 of the Tribulation. As most of you are aware the Palestinians officially requested to be recognized as a nation before the UN last September. It was tabled indefinitely.
    What I believe we are about to see is a large, but quick, war in the Middle East. A US-NATO led coalition will finally get their military into Syria and Assad will make good on his promise from April to hit Tel Aviv with missiles. I believe the Israeli response will be a nuclear warhead. This will fulfill Isaiah 17:1. The use of a nuke by Israel will crystalize the hatred of the Jewish state around the world. Then the antichrist can rise up and play their messiah. The antichrist confirms the covenant of Daniel 9:27 at the UN (the “many”) and the 7 year Tribulation commences. Now that they have a messiah they drop their guard and Persia (Iran) can attack a peaceful and unsuspecting nation, which is the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39. So I believe that war happens just inside the Tribulation.
    If I am correct, then the Rapture will occur prior to the destruction of Damascus. First, I believe a parallel can be drawn between Genesis 18-19 and Isaiah 17:1. Damascus has a population of 1.7 million people with 10% of that being Christian. I cannot see a reason God would allow 170,000 Christians to be nuked. Yes, I understand if it fulfilled His purpose that it is possible. But, if as I suspect, the antichrist rises up days after this war, then the church would already have to be gone.
    Second, in the Old Testament God the Father dealt directly with the Jews. When Christ was here He dealt directly with the Jews. After Christ rose He said that He would have to leave soon and when the disciples argued He said that if He didn’t leave He could not send the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit. The point is, that the three in the Trinity seem to work one at a time. When you read the account in Psalm 83 it appears that God the Father is dealing directly with the Jews again meaning the Holy Spirit has gone back up and the true believers of Christ with Him.
    So if Isaiah 17:1 could happen any day, I believe and hope the Rapture is even closer!

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